Multiple items were discussed by the Arkadelphia City Board of Directors during their annual retreat Saturday.

Multiple items were discussed by the Arkadelphia City Board of Directors during their annual retreat Saturday.
According to Arkadelphia City Manager Gary Brinkley, the city has accomplished multiple tasks over the last 15 months.
“After 15 months of being on this job I am more excited than I have ever been about our future. I’m excited about where we can be if we decide we want to be there,” said Brinkley.
Among the topics discussed at the retreat:
Brinkley shifted his attention to the city’s ordinance pertaining to transient merchants. The ordinance requires transient merchants to undergo a background check before selling their merchandise.
Brinkley presented a proposal to have staff with the building department to issue the permits to merchants. The Arkansas State Police has a system for conducting background checks, which will cost merchants $25.
Ward 1 Director Taylor Chaney recently presented a concern regarding parking along Sixth Street in the downtown area.
Based on the accident reports, there have been seven accidents in the last two years along Sixth Street. Two occurred at Sixth and Clinton and Main Streets, while three was reported at Sixth and Clay Streets.
“There has been 445 accidents in the last two years. That represents 1.57 percent of all accidents the accidents in town,” said Brinkley.
According to Brinkley, Arkadelphia Police Chief Jason “Shorty” Jackson noted there are more blindspots are caused by buildings instead of vehicles.
In light of the research, the city will not remove any parking spaces on Sixth Street for now.
Chaney suggested adding mirrors to the buildings to help motorists see around the blind spots.
Ward 5 Directors Jason Jones reported the state highway department prohibits the use of mirrors.
Chaney noted several places in particular where it is difficult for motorists to see oncoming traffic. He said it is approximately seven spaces that pose as a danger.
Directors agreed to the possibility of placing signs along Sixth Street asking motorists to slow down and to research whether or not the mirrors could be installed.
Brinkley reported that representatives with Marriott have decided to expand the size of the conference room area. As a result, the hotel will have an additional two rooms.
Brinkley said it will cost approximately $100,000 each to build.
In addition, an acre-and-a-half of land has been secured for bus parking.
Staff with Marriott are in the process of adjusting their loan.
“The appraisals came in. We are all good. The annexation will occur,” Brinkley said.