July health inspections were conducted throughout several Clark County communities.

July health inspections were conducted throughout several Clark County communities. The Arkansas Department of Health made the following discoveries.
• Camp Winnamocka, located at 68 Ft. Jackson Rd.
Shell eggs had been kept over foods ready to be consumed. This was corrected.
• Roadrunner, located at 3111 Pine St.
Expired medication was discovered and promptly removed by employees.
• Buck’s Country Store, located at 11748 Highway 8 West, Alpine
A discard date was lacking on deli meat in the cold holding display case. This was corrected, as was an infraction concerning medicine.
• Trudy’s Cafe, located at 103 W. Thompson St., Amity
A container of hand soap had to be added to the food prep area’s hand washing sink.
• Domino’s Pizza, 3120 A Pine St.
It was noted that a hand washing sign was needed at sinks for employees.
• McDonald’s, located at 3114 Pine St.
An employee was found to not be washing hands in accordance with the Arkansas Rules and Regulations Pertaining To Food Establishments. This was corrected. Also observed was an employee using their bare hands to handle ready to eat foods. This was corrected by the food being discarded. The employee washed his hands and applied gloves. An unlabeled spray jug was marked with a common working name for its container. Also, an employee use the same gloves to both touch raw hamburger and then ready to eat foods. The food was thrown out.
• Wendy’s, located at 3130 Pine St.
Cooked hamburger patties were held at 122 degrees, a temperature lower than the required 135 degree minimum. They were discarded. An employee was seen using bare hands to handle ready to eat food. This was corrected. A common working name was applied to a spray jug.
• Allen’s Barbecue and Grill, located at 110 N. Elm St., Gurdon
Paper towels were placed at the food prep’s hand washing sink.
• Gurdon Quick Mart, located at 502 Highway 67 South, Gurdon
A proper date was applied for slices of pie in the cooler. Eggs were moved to the lowest cooler shelf after they were found above other foods.
• McDonald’s, located at 145 Valley St.
The fountain drink machine’s hose end was disconnected from the box and directly touching the floor. It was removed for cleaning. Also, paper towels were added to a dispenser at the hand washing sink.
• The Shack, located at 117 Valley St.
Prepared noodles were not marked with a discard date. This was corrected. Hand towels were supplied to a sink dispenser.
• Jeremy’s Sports Stop, located at 555 Highway 8 East, Amity
Shell eggs were moved from above ready to eat foods. Expired medications were pulled off the shelves. Items had to be reheated in the hot holding box.
• Kentucky Fried Chicken, located at 921 Clinton St.
An employee in the food prep area had an open beverage container, while the lobby’s fountain drink machine required cleaning. Both infractions were corrected.
• Big Cheese Pizza, located at 2909 W. Pine St.
The pizza buffet was not holding the proper temperature for foods. This was corrected. Bleach was moved to another space away from foods.
• Golden Rains, located at 180 Valley St.
Chicken was not being held at a proper temperature. The hot box’s setting was thusly increased. Also, a magnetic knife holder was cleaned and a paper towel infraction was assuaged.
• Mom’s Kitchen, located at 4000 Valley St.
Open lunchmeat that had expired was discarded.