Arkadelphia residents have responded to the water crisis in Flint, Mich. with a staggering amount of water donations.

Arkadelphia residents have responded to the water crisis in Flint, Mich. with a staggering amount of water donations.
Over $1,000 worth of water, secured by the Brighter Tomorrow Foundation, associates of the foundation, and law offices, is expected to be delivered to the Michigan city this month.
“It took a lot of digging and research,” said BTF President Jonathan Boyce. “This is a huge project.”
Boyce has wanted to get involved with the Flint problems for as long as two years ago. However, at that time he hadn’t much experience in disaster aid. Since then, he has traveled back and forth for work involving Hurricane Harvey, thus gaining a more focused mindset on how to approach the crisis. It was decided that donating water would be the way to help out.
“We just knew they need water,” said Boyce.
He also met in Arkadelphia with a woman originally from Flint, Asia Hill, who had also wanted to get involved.
“I just felt it in my heart to do something for my people,” said Hill, who has friends and immediate family who still reside in the city.
From there, Boyce went to Atwoods to get numbers on water, something he had done before in providing such a provision to community elders. Pallets were analyzed and how many cases of water each one could contain and what the costs would be.
“It’s not easy but when you’re doing it for the right reason, it can be conquered,” said Boyce.
During the week of Arms Around Arkadelphia, Boyce spoke with Taylor Chaney about how money could be raised. Ultimately, Chaney organized different law offices to each donate a check for $250 to purchase water.
The total cost came to $1,002.96. The money was deposited into the foundation’s account and then purchased at Atwood’s. Law offices who helped were Chaney Law Firm, P.A., Law Offices of Alan LeVar and Travis R. Berry.
The store will continue to hold the pallets until the time of delivery arrives. Ultimately, there are six pallets of water. Each contains 84 cases, bringing the entire amount to a total of 504 cases.
“These types of blessings don’t happen every day,” said Hill.
Volunteers are needed to travel to the city to help with water distribution. A truck has been rented for the trip up there, but a personal vehicle will be required for the drive back. Boyce plans to stay for about three days. He is currently in the process of finding someone to stay with, something that he hopes will give the group a better understanding of what Flint residents are going through.
“We want to live how they’re living,” said Boyce.