Gurdon now has a community garden.

Gurdon now has a community garden.
A group gathered last week with shovels to commemorate the garden, including Mt. Canaan Baptist Church Pastor Johnny Harris, Gurdon Mayor Sherry Kelley and Johnathon Boyce, of the Brighter Tomorrow Foundation.
It was Boyce who brought the garden to reality, by asking Harris for permission to establish the garden on the church’s land, to which Harris gave his blessing.
“We made it happen,” said Boyce.
The garden was brought to fruition by the belief that citizens must do more by taking initiative and not just hoping for something. In his own words, Boyce described it as “individuals addressing the problem as a collective to get something.”
Seeds were planted for vegetables last Wednesday
“There are people out here who need something to eat.”
Unlike pantries and other options, there will be no restriction on access to the garden.
“You have to wait until they open,” Boyce said of pantries and the uncertainties of grants. “With the garden, they can just go whenever they want to. It’s for the community.”
When faced with the possibility of public abuse of the garden in terms of taking more than enough food, Boyce said he was unconcerned.
“We can grow more.”
Although not the first garden in the county, it is a first for Gurdon. According to Boyce, it is the largest in Arkansas thus far.