It is well

I’ve had the opportunity to read the inside story of a woman who was known for her many acts of kindness.
She was considered a noblewoman who heart was built to please God, and she delighted in showing hospitality to the prophet Elisha. She was much more than an ordinary woman; she is mentioned as the nameless Shunammite woman with “extraordinary faith.”
The story unfolds in the fourth chapter of II Kings. In return for all the good things she was doing for the prophet, God wanted to reward her by fulfilling her dream of having a son. Elisha said, “About this time next year, you will hold a son in your arms” - IIKings 4:16.
She couldn’t believe it; and she didn’t want to be misled or become swallowed up in the disappointment of an empty promise. Ultimately, the promise took form just as Elisha said. The boy grew to be a fine lad, but later died while helping his father in the field.
As I read further, I found that the faith of this great woman was tested. But she held on to her promise even though it was dead. She took the dead boy inside and laid him on Elisha’s bed. She ran straight to Elisha, and then Elisha followed her back home. When Elisha entered the room and saw the corpse lying on the bed, he aimed at nothing less than restoring him back to life.
My friend, are you afraid of disappointments?
Are you afraid to dream and hope?
The Shunammite woman knew there was hope even when her son lay dead in her arms. "It is well," she said to her husband, knowing very well that their son was gone.
Remember God is still with you. Trust His word and gain encouragement from the Shunammite woman, that no matter the circumstance, you can still say, “It is well!”
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