A number of food stores and other establishments were visited in Clark County for the month of April.

The health inspector’s office made the following discoveries:
Captain Henderson House, 349 N. 10th St.
It was advised to use a three compartment sink for dish sanitization, as the machine was not currently reaching proper temperature.
Community Counseling Services, 201 N. 26th St.
A can opener had to be cleaned.
Group Living, 705 Main St. PO Box 159
Items in the reach-in cooler that were opened and prepared needed discard dates. This was corrected.
APSD Early Childhood Center, 25 McClellan Blvd.
The cleaning frequency of an ice machine was increased.
Arkadelphia Senior Activity Center, 1311 N. 10th St.
A food slicer was cleaned and shell eggs were moved to a proper location.
Kadi’s Korner, 2525 Malvern Rd.
Open lunch meats were found to have passed the required seven day discard date. They were thrown out.
Dollar General, 529 W. Thompson St., Amity
Chemicals were moved from above single serve items.
Shell Food Store, 3039 W. Pine St.
Expired medications were discarded after they were discovered on shelves. Also, chemicals were being kept above beverages and were moved.
Cuddle Bugs, 820 Wade St.
Cleaning chemicals were moved from above foods.