Members of the Clark County Quorum Court approved a revision to the county’s Catastrophic Leave Program during a special meeting Monday evening.

Members of the Clark County Quorum Court approved a revision to the county’s Catastrophic Leave Program during a special meeting Monday evening.
Justices spent most of their time addressing the county’s leave program during their regular meeting. Justice B.J. Johns had reviewed the program and offered several proposed changes.
The Catastrophic Leave Program is to help full-time Clark County employees who have had a catastrophic illness in their immediate family and have exhausted all of their available leave time.
According to the original ordinance passed in October 2011, the county judge and county clerk shall approve forms to allow county employees to contribute to the program and for eligible employees to apply for leave under the program.
County employees have the option of donating their accumulated annual or sick days to the catastrophic leave bank, therefore making it available for other full-time employees to use under this program.
According to Johns, the primary change to the policy is a definition for catastrophic relief and catastrophic illness.
In addition, Johns said the proposed change stipulates that an employee seeking to utilize the program must not have a written record for disciplinary action regarding the abuse or misuse of leave.
Johns also noted maximum a change to the additional leave time an employee can receive on one application.
The previous policy would allow an employee to come back one time for 20 days, while the revised ordinance does not place a limit on how many times an employee may come back.
During the meeting on April 9, discussion was held regarding the possibility of allowing a member to the Quorum Court to sit in on the committee’s meeting would determine if an employee was eligible for the program.
Justice Vickie Smithpeters reported that she had been contacted by county employees and concerned citizens regarding opposition to this proposal.
“We’re being told we were well stepped over our bounds and that we need to step back, trust these employees, pass this and let it go,” said Smithpeters.
Justice Brown Hardman disagreed with the comment, a felt that a member of the Quorum Court should be allowed to attend the meeting, although that Justice would have no right to vote.
Other items addressed during Monday’s special meeting:
• Justices approved the salary for the drug task force agent, Roy Bethell, who will be employed by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.
The county needed an additional $4,486.24 to fulfill its financial obligation to Bethell.
According to Clark County Clerk Rhona Cole, all county full-time slots are appropriated a certain amount of money per slot.
“By law, I can’t go over one penny with those slots. We have to insure that everyone’s slot has the right amount of money that we are supposed to pay them,” Cole explained.
According to Cole, the salary for the previous DTF agent was $35,191.
“When the person left, they had comp time and vacation days that we had to pay them for. Once we had done all of that, and once we put the new position in, that position is short that money. That’s where the $4,486.24 comes in to play,” Cole said.
• Justices approved an ordinance that would authorize Clark County Judge Troy Tucker to enter into agreement for the purchase of a sanitation truck.