A Gurdon man has been charged for negligent homicide following a fatal car crash last Christmas Eve.

A Gurdon man has been charged for negligent homicide following a fatal car crash last Christmas Eve.
Rusty Kyle Crews, 21, was the alleged driver of the vehicle that crashed on Dec. 24, claiming the life of 23-year-old Gurdon resident and passenger Brandon Weems.
On Jan. 4, Arkansas State Police Corporal Christopher Harper disclosed information of the incident to ASP Special Agent David Rider, discussing the investigation he began the day of the crash.
According to ASP documents, Harper shared that he learned of Crews’ involvement prior to and at the time of the collision.
Based on his observations, Harper requested assistance from Clark County Sheriff Jason Watson in getting a search warrant to attain samples of Crews’ blood. The warrant was applied for and received by CCSO Investigator Rene Jones and the blood was obtained the day of the crash.
Two vials of Crews’ blood were collected at Arkadelphia’s Baptist Health Medical Center.
ASP accident re-constructionists Sgt. Tim Carter and Cpl. Greg Dycus went to the scene of the collision on Jan. 10. Based on braking tire marks, the investigators determined that Crews’ 1992 Honda Civic was driving at 70-75 milers per hour at the time it departed the roadway. These findings were conveyed by letter in late March to Clark County Prosecutor Blake Batson.
On Jan. 29, Rider interviewed three witnesses to the wreck. One identified Crews as the Honda’s driver.
The witness informed Rider that before the collision, Crews had been driving at a minimum rate of 100 miles per hour. He allegedly passed the witnesses while they were negotiating a curve, leaving them in fear that he would strike their vehicle. The witness further recounted that Crews tried to pass another vehicle in front of them.
At this time, the defendant lost control, left the road, and crashed into the second vehicle. Another of the witnesses told Rider that they voiced concerns to each other that the Honda would cause an accident if the driver did not slow down. The collision occurred on Highway 53.
A toxicology report returned findings that Crews had cannabinoids and methamphetamine in his blood sample.
If convicted of negligent homicide, Crews could face a maximum prison sentence of 20 years.