A Miller County jailer was cited in Arkadelphia for disorderly conduct.

A Miller County jailer was cited in Arkadelphia for disorderly conduct.
On the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 20, Arkadelphia Police officers learned of an extended cab Chevrolet truck on Pine Street that was trying to stop cars.
Authorities responded and learned from the complainant that the pewter colored truck, which had been situated in front of Arkadelphia Tire Outfitters, had departed the parking lot in the direction of 20th Street.
Soon after, officers were notified that the truck had left Sonic Drive-In and travelled to an apartment complex near Henderson State University. In the back of the parking lot, Sgt. Don Cleek and Cpl. Jospeh Paull encountered the truck and noted its hood was still warm. Paull also observed a light bar in the truck’s back glass area and another small light in the windshield.
Hung on the truck’s mirror was a Miller County Detention Center identification card for owner James Culwell, 20, of Fouke.
The suspect later came outside and reportedly admitted to Paull that he did have emergency lights in his truck. He then activated the lights for the officers.
Culwell reportedly admitted that he had been activating the lights around town and that it was “a stupid mistake.” He was advised to remove the lights and did so.
The lights were taken in as evidence.
Paull inquired as to why Culwell’s truck contained the lights and the suspect responded that he used to serve on the Fouke Volunteer Fire Department, but was no longer a member.
Culwell was issued a citation for disorderly conduct and unlawful use of the lights. He informed Cleek that he had previously been issued a warning by an Arkansas State Trooper for this type of activity.
The suspect was ordered to make a mandatory court appearance on April 4.