Clark County health inspections were conducted throughout the month of January at various Arkadelphia and Amity locations.

• Great Wall, located at 112 WP Malone Dr. Ste. A
The inspector did not observe active managerial controls”to maintain the safety of food. A violation regarding raw chicken and fish being kept over foods that were ready to be eaten was corrected. Further notice was taken of the absence of hand washing signs at the sinks. Rice was discarded after being held at 68 degrees.
A walk-in cooler had some items without discard dates. A dirty can opener infraction was corrected. A violation regarding employees washing their hands properly was corrected, as well as a violation regarding an open beverage container on the food prep surface. Paper towels had to be supplied at the hand washing sinks.
• Hamburger Barn, located at 2813 Pine St.
A violations regarding the storing of dirty dishes being placed on a shelf with clean dishes was corrected, as was an issue with rice in the warming unit. The hot box temperature was increased so that hot holding items can be kept at 135 degrees or more.
• Roadrunner, located at 3111 Pine St.
The establishment was instructed to ensure all spray bottles were labeled with a common name. A correction was also made regarding a paper towel machine not working.
• Benvenuti, located at 2607 Caddo St. Ste. 1
An employee drink lacked a lid and straw. Cold holding items were not kept at the proper temperature of 41 degrees or lower. Both infractions were corrected.
• Wal-Mart Deli/Bakery, located at 104 W.P. Malone Dr.
Chemicals were found to be kept in the storage area over single service items. This was corrected.
• Wendy’s, located at 3130 Pine St.
The hot holding unit was turned on in response to grilled chicken not being held at the correct temperature. The chicken was discarded.
• Donut Palace, located at 2807 Pine St.
Shell eggs were stored above foods already prepared for consumption. This violation was corrected. The establishment was also advised that all beverage containers must have a lid and straw on them.
• El Parian, located 202 N. 10th St.
A can opener was washed and sanitized. Also, an employee had an open drink container in the food prep area and a spray jug had no label. Both violations were corrected.
• Big Cheese Pizza, located at 2909 W. Pine St.
It was noted that all spray bottles must be clearly labeled when not in the manufacturer’s container.
• Golden Rains, LLC, located at 180 Valley St.
Refrigerated raw bacon was moved from above foods prepared for consumption. It was also advised that the hand washing sink in the kitchen area needed a sign. This violation was corrected.
• Jalapeño, located at 2805 Pine St.
Raw chicken was relocated to a bottom shelf. The food prep area contained an unlabeled spray bottle, which was corrected. Both a can opener and knives on a magnetic holder were dirty and washed. The hand washing sink had to be equipped with a sign. A violation regarding the labeling of prepared food items being stored for more than one day was corrected.
• Los Agaves, located at 1303 Pine St.
A label was applied to a spray bottle, the temperature setting for cheese dip was increased on the hot holding unit, discard dates were applied to bulk cooked food items and a bucket of new sanitizer was added to the washing machine.
• Los Agaves, located at 104 Malvern Rd.
An open drink container was in the food prep area, walk-in cooler items had no date label, spray bottles were not labeled and the hand washing sink had no sign. All violations were corrected.
• Taco Bell, located at 121 Valley St.
The only infraction, also concerning a hand washing sign, was corrected.
• LTB Enterprise, LLC, located at167 Valley St.
Raw fish was kept above food ready for consumption and an employee used bare hands to touch food. Both issues were corrected.
• Tasty Hibachi, located at 3607 Caddo St. Unit 5
A hand washing sink had no soap and an open beverage container was located in the kitchen. Both violations were corrected.
• McDonald’s, located at 145 Valley St.
The only violation, involving a dirty can opener, was cleaned.
• McDonald’s, located at 3114 Pine St.
Shell eggs were moved to the cold holding unit’s bottom area. A violation regarding sliced cheese being touched by bare hands was corrected, as well as a violation pertaining to an unlabeled pump sprayer.
• The Cue Eatery, located at 1205 N. 10th St. Ste. B
Paper towels were needed at a hand washing sink.
• Brookshire’s, located at 2750 Pine St.
It was reported that raw pork jowls were kept too close to hot dogs. The food was moved.
• Domino’s, located 3120 Pine St.
A discussion was held about keeping cleaning products away from fountain drink boxes, hoses and fixtures.
• Winner’s Circle, located at 3120 Pine St.
Employee hand washing signs was required for the men’s restroom and the self-serve area.
• Andy’s, located at 2927 W. Pine St.
Additional ice was added to the ice bath to keep a proper cold holding temperature. Unlabeled spray bottles in the silverware washing area were tended to.
• Davidson’s Grocery, located at 105 E. Thompson St., Amity
A violation regarding the storing of raw beef above foods ready for consumption was corrected. It was also noted that a meat grinder required cleaning and a hand washing sink needing to be present in the front of the store so employees could wash hands before preparing pizzas.
• Jeremy’s Sports Stop, located at 555 Highway 8, Amity
Chemicals were stored over foods ready to be eaten, a hand washing sign was needed for employees and shell eggs were kept over foods ready to be eaten. All were violations corrected.
• Trudy’s Cafe, located at 103 W. Thompson St.
The only violation, regarding the need of a hand washing sign for employees, was corrected.