An Arkadelphia man faces multiple charges following a high speed pursuit.

An Arkadelphia man faces multiple charges following a high speed pursuit.
Milton Nelson, 56, is charged with two counts of failure to stop, driving left of center, failure to register a vehicle, driving on a suspended license, no liability insurance, driving while intoxicated and reckless driving.
According to the a report by the Arkadelphia Police Department, on Jan. 8, the pursuit began when Nelson allegedly disregarded a stop sign. Officer Andrew Samuel was at the traffic light 12th and Pine Streets when the driver disregarded the sign and drove past him.
At this time, Samuel heard the driver’s vehicle accelerate, owing to an improper exhaust system, and picked up speed. The officer caught up to it as it continued on Pine, then turned onto Barkman Street, ultimately disregarding more stop signs, first on at Barkman and Ninth Street, then another at Eighth and Caddo. After the vehicle accelerated again, Samuel activated his emergency siren and gave chase.
Approaching the Sixth and Caddo Streets intersection, the driver of the vehicle reportedly veered between the west and east bound lanes, going more than 60 miles per hour until it reached the Ouachita River Bridge. '
Going south on Highway 7, the vehicle allegedly reached 65 miles per hour until it went through road construction, when it decreased to 55. Once it passed the construction, it started to increase speed again, reaching 100, then ultimately in excess of 105. Nearing the Highway 7 and Manchester Road intersection, the vehicle fishtailed around curves. The driver allegedly maintained speeds of approximately 100 miles per hour as he approached the intersections of Highways 7 and 128.
The suspect turned west onto Highway 128. Although he reduced his speed to 50 miles per hour, the driver allegedly did not maintain his lane and used the entire roadway to negotiate curves.
After the driver turned north onto Manchester Road, Samuel was advised to terminate the pursuit. Deputy Aleisha Hood, who was behind Samuel, was advised of the driver’s last known location and continued in that direction. Deputy Justin Kirksey located the vehicle at Mill Creek Road. The driver, now identified as Nelson, was found trying to crawl to the front of the vehicle.
Initially refusing to show his hands, Nelson complied when authorities withdrew a taser and gave a second verbal command to do so. He was noted to smell of intoxicants after being placed in restraints. An ambulance was called after the suspect complained of hip pain. Officers and hospital personnel helped carry Nelson out of the woods due to his pain.