The burglary of the DeGray Liquor Store has resulted in charges for Justin Bradley Elmer of Hope.

The burglary of the DeGray Liquor Store has resulted in charges for Justin Bradley Elmer of Hope.
On Aug. 20, Caddo Valley Sgt. Roy Bethell was dispatched to the establishment where he met with an female employee.
The woman disclosed to Bethell that she had been contacted by an employee of Bismarck’s Degray One Stop who stated she had encountered two men who had entered the establishment and inquired as to when they had started selling liquor on Sundays in the state. The pair said no one was present at the liquor store and the front door had been propped open. Bethell himself noticed that a Thrifty Nickel rack had been used to hold the door open.
The sergeant and Caddo Valley Officer Brad DePriest cleared the building and came to the conclusion that a break-in had taken place. Among the disarray were both cash registers each missing $350. One cash register appeared to have been pried open and sustained damage.
On the store’s west and east sides, there were four $1 bills and an amount of alcohol, respectively. The latter was noted to look as though it had been dropped.
Authorities viewed security footage and observed on camera a white male enter the store and take money, alcohol and cigarettes. The man was clad in blue jean shorts, black and white Adidas shoes, a Denver Broncos hat and a red shirt. He also for a time had a camouflage bandana across his face. He allegedly entered and exited the store more than once.
While investigating, Bethell met with the woman who had opened the store on the morning of Aug. 19. The employee informed Bethell that she had been given a ride to work by two men, one of whom she identified as defendant Elmer upon viewing the surveillance video.
According to the woman, the two men watched how she was able to enter the business. The driver came in to get a drink before he and Elmer left the premises.
During discussions with Bethell, the driver confirmed that he and Elmer had dropped the employee off, but denied knowledge of the store being burglarized. The driver did allege that earlier that morning, Elmer had tried to get him to accompany him “for something.” He also stated that Elmer had taken a bandana from the residence.
At a later date, the driver alleges that Elmer told him he had done something at the liquor store, but did not go into specifics.
A warrant has been issued for Elmer’s arrest. He faces a Class C commercial burglary count and a lesser charge of misdemeanor theft of property. Owing to a habitual offender past, Elmer could face up to twenty years in prison.