Several local eateries were inspected in Arkadelphia for the month of August. The findings were as follows:

• McDonald’s, located at 145 Valley St.
The walk-in cooler’s bare floor was found to be storing food items. A washing machine was not properly sanitizing and single use items were also being kept on the bare floor. A hamburger had to be returned to the grill to be cooked to the correct temperature. Bacon that had been stored on top of the grill with a 72-degree temperature was discarded.
A can opener had to be washed and sanitized. There were also issues concerning employee hand washing and the handling of raw meats and other foods with the same gloves. These were corrected.
Discard times were applied to prep line items and the floors required an increased cleaning frequency.
• Los Agaves, located at 104 Malvern Road
It was reported that broken tiles in the kitchen needed repairing. Also, a light fixture required a protective covering.
• Shell, located at 3039 W. Pine St.
It was reported that the floor areas were dirty and needed cleaning.
• Dixon’s, located at 3036 W. Pine St.
Non-food contact with both the hot dog roller and the shake machine needed cleaning. Chemical items were moved away from being stored above paper plates.
• McDonald’s, located at 3114 Pine St.
Wiping cloths were found on food prep areas. Shell eggs needed to be moved from above foods that were ready to be consumed and an area in a meat freezer needed cleaning.
An infraction regarding an employee drinking a beverage without a lid and a straw-less in the food prep area was corrected. Cleaning frequency had to be increased for floors under the cooking equipment.
An ice scoop handle made contact with ice and had to be moved. Another violation regarding the storing of prep table items being kept past the designated discard time. was corrected.
• Roadrunner, located at 3111 Pine St.
Items on the hot dog roller were thrown away due to a problem with the temperature. Bleach had to be moved to a different location other than above flour and single serve items. An infraction with wiping cloth storage was corrected.
• Friendship of Arkadelphia, located at 490 Caney Road
A thermometer was needed in a small sandwich refrigerator.Taco bar items had to be discarded because of the temperature exceeding 41 degrees. Chemicals were moved to a proper location.