A resolution supporting the collection of Internet Sales Tax received a favorable nod from the Arkadelphia City Board of Directors Tuesday evening.

A resolution supporting the collection of Internet Sales Tax received a favorable nod from the Arkadelphia City Board of Directors Tuesday evening.
According to Arkadelphia Mayor James Calhoun, the resolution will be submitted to the Arkansas Municipal League to offer the city’s support of the League’s effort to equalize local brick-and-mortar sales with those online.
“Currently, purchases made online are not subject to local taxation,” said Arkadelphia City Manager Gary Brinkley.
As a result, the playing field currently favors out-of-state internet retailers that exploit a pre-internet loophole, therefore allowing them to evade collecting state and local sales tax, while stores with a local retailer must collect sales tax while online stores do not.
If adopted by the state, this legislation would require retailers to collect and remit sales tax to state and local governments for out-of-state online sales.
In addition, all businesses, regardless of their physical location, should be required to collect and remote state and local sales tax.
As a consequence, the legislation is expected to generate more sales, pay more sales tax to the state treasury, encourage more local retailers, create jobs for local workers and infuse more money into local economies throughout the state.
According to Calhoun, the Municipal League is asking all cities in the state to submit a resolution to support the measure.
The Municipal League will then present the endorsement to national senators, representatives and state legislatures.
Other items addressed:
• The board approved the confirmation of Jennifer Story to the position of Arkadelphia City Clerk and Tammy Beeler to the position of Arkadelphia City Treasurer.
Story takes the position that was previously held by Rendi Currey who took a position with the Arkadelphia Public School District, while Beeler assumes the role that was previously held by Story.
Story brings 26 years experience in municipal government to the table. Beeler has experience in both corporate and small business.
• Directors approved the nomination of Greg Lathem to the Arkadelphia Housing Authority.
• The board approved an update to its business meeting policy.
• Directors entertained the first reading of its five mill tax ordinance. The ordinance is adopted annually and given to the Clark County Quorum Court before their November meeting. This is done to insure the city receives its maximum portion of the real and personal property taxes due.
• The board approved a pre-application to the Arkansas Natural Resource Commission.
According to Brinkley, the application is the first of many steps required to receive a permit to own and operate a water intake/treatment facility for the production operations of the future Sun Bio mill.
Issues such as final design, construction and operations are future items and will be addressed at a later time.