A report of the Clark County Sanitation Department was presented to the Clark County Quorum Court Monday evening.

A report of the Clark County Sanitation Department was presented to the Clark County Quorum Court Monday evening.
“I wanted to make sure that the court is fully aware that the sanitation fees are currently more than what we are bringing in,” said Clark County Judge Troy Tucker.
According to Tucker, the expenditures outweighing the revenue is not something new.
“This is something that has apparently been going on for two or three years, at least,” said Tucker.
The 2016 recipients and 2016 warrants paid in comparison with 2017 show the county is spending more money than it is taking in based on the county’s sanitation fees.
“It’s going to have to be addressed at some point. You are losing money every month in sanitation and have been for several years,” Tucker said.
Justice Tom Calhoon asked if the county could make up the difference by increasing the sanitation fees.
Tucker noted that half of a mill generates $110,000, while five percent of the county’s one-cent sales tax generates $150,000. Roadside pick up generated $183,000 in 2016, while commercial pick up produced $152,000.
In 2016, the tipping fee from the county’s landfill along with charges generated approximately $21,000 for a grand total of $618,000.
“We are paying the city of Arkadelphia $44 a ton, which in 2016 was $172,521. At that time, we were taking the trash to Nashville because our landfill was closed. We’re not having to do that because our landfill is open,” Tucker explained.
When asked how much the fees would have to be raised, Tucker said he was not sure.
“It’s something that at some point we’re going to have to sit down and have a serious conversation,” Tucker said.
Other items addressed:
Tucker along with representatives from the Quorum Court and several county officials attended the recent convention of the Association of Arkansas Counties.
“We got to hear what the legislatures had done and what they had passed. It was a very interesting conference,” said Justice Vickie Smithpeters.
Tucker noted that one of the purposes of the conference is to allow representatives from different counties to network with one another.
“I’m really proud of our county and our budget because I talked to some of them [representatives from other counties] and I pray the Lord is with them,” Smithpeters said.
Tucker reported the county received a General Improvement Fund grant in the amount of $4,000.
In addition, Tucker said a 2016 pick-up truck owned by the county was destroyed in a fire at the home of a county employee.
“He went out that next morning to get in the truck and it was burned to the ground,” said Tucker.
It is believed that lighting may have struck the vehicle.
“I’m dealing with the insurance company on that. We are about to get that resolved very quickly,” Tucker said.
The county’s road department recently completed the replacement of a bridge on Witherspoon Road.
“We took up two rail cars and replaced those with a concrete bridge,” said Tucker.
The road department is in the process of replacing a wooden bridge on Stevenson Road near Gurdon and installing a large culvert at the end of a bridge on Sugar Loaf Road near Amity.
“We contracted with the state highway department to resurface DeGray Road from end to end. They have started that project and we are currently working to put shoulders on both sides of that road before they come back to complete it,” Tucker said.