Several local eateries were inspected in Arkadelphia for the month of July. The findings were as follows:

• Foundation Fitness, located at 112 N. 6th St.
The only infraction, concerning the need for a continuous towel system or a heated-air drying device, was corrected.
• Domino’s/Winner’s Circle, located at 3120 Pine St.
It was advised that pizza sauce must remain covered when not being used to avoid contamination.
Also, chemicals must be kept away from both single service items and beverage containers. This violation was corrected.
• Taco Bell, located at 121 Valley St.
The fast food stop was advised to increase kitchen floor cleaning.
• Camp Winnamocka, located at 68 Ft. Jackson Rd.
Beverage containers kept on the food prep surfaces were unapproved. These were removed. A kitchen light required a cover installation. There were hands unwashed before applying gloves, which was corrected. The camp also corrected a violation of cooked chicken being reheated to only 130 degrees. Food items must be held at 41 degrees or below if they are supposed to be refrigerated after opening. These items were discarded. Lastly, boxes of single use items must be kept off the floor.
• Burger King, located at 2820 W. Pine St.
The establishment ceased using unapproved beverage containers in prohibited areas, moved single serve items off of the bare floor and added a label to an unmarked water bottle.
• Big Cheese Pizza, located at 2909 W. Pine St.
The restaurant corrected an infraction of consuming food in food prep and ware washing areas.
• KFC, located at 921 Clinton St.
Kitchen floors needed cleaning while the food prep/ware washing areas also had food and beverage consumption.
• The Cue Eatery, located 1205 N. 10th St. Ste. B
It was reported that food out of original packaging must be labeled with a common name. Four other violations, including raw meat storage, hand drying availability, sanitizing wiping cloths, and hand washing between glove changes, were corrected.
• Dollar General, located at 2727 Caddo St.
A reach-in cooler was not equipped with a food temperature measuring device. Raw meats and shell eggs were separated from foods ready to be eaten.
• Tamolly’s, located at 118 Malvern Rd.
A spray bottle lacked a label. In addition, unapproved beverage containers were located in the food prep area, cheese was held at an incorrect temperature, wiping cloths were laid on the food prep area, and a can opener was reportedly dirty. All violations were corrected.
• Andy’s, located at 2927 W. Pine St.
A can opener had to be washed and sanitized. Frozen items had to be thawed in a walk-in cooler, while ice was added to a prep table to maintain the required temperature. An unapproved beverage container was discontinued. Also, the restaurant was advised to increase its kitchen cleaning frequency.