Arkadelphia City Manager Gary Brinkley presented a detailed city manager’s report during Tuesday’s meeting of the Arkadelphia City Board of Directors.

Arkadelphia City Manager Gary Brinkley presented a detailed city manager’s report during Tuesday’s meeting of the Arkadelphia City Board of Directors.
Brinkley reported he has reached out to both Henderson State University and Ouachita Baptist University in an attempt to gain a better understand of the economics of the university’s students tothe local community.
Brinkley also said he is seeking the opinion of their senior class on the city and what their perception is of what’s missing in the community to keep them in town following their graduation.
“As a town, we need young, educated professionals contributing to our economy. We are hoping to report the results by the end of the year,” said Brinkley.
Brinkley attended the July 20 meeting of the Southwest Arkansas Regional Intermodal Authority in Mount Ida.
“There is significant progress being made by the Arkadelphia Alliance group working in conjunction with SWARIA,” Brinkley said.
Brinkley reported that of the $2.6 million needed, there has been $2.3 million pledged from the state and other entities.
According to Brinkley, staff continues to work with members of the Economic Development Corporation of Clark County on the Memorandum of Understanding with Sun Bio for the water/wastewater facilities.
Brinkley noted that David Green, utilities managerm for the city’s water department, has been working with Stewart Nowland and the EDCCC to find the optimal path for the inflow and outflow of water from the Ouachita.
“Progress is slow but has been moving forward. No announcements are forthcoming,” said Brinkley.
In addition, Brinkley provided an update on the removal of the old county hospital on Pine.
“By the time we received the funds to remove the asbestos in July, our contractor, Gerken, LLC, had already booked jobs through the summer,” said Brinkley.
The city is now working with a consultant to get a September date for the abatement.
“This is a longer delay than we had anticipated but funding was paramount so we’ll continue to work with Gerken to get on their books as soon as possible,” Brinkley explained.
Brinkley reported that the city’s street crews have been working on patches around town during the month of July. More will be done in August and September.
According to Brinkley, the city has received the air permit for the Feaster Trail Connector Project . The project will take the trail under Highway 7.
“Our engineers are now developing the specifications for bidding the project,” Brinkley said.
Brinkley told the board he had attended the July 19 meeting of the Southwest Central Regional Solid Waste Management District in Hot Springs.
“The state is reapportioning $1 per disposed of ton from the e-waste program to the Post Closure Trust Fund. There is a new $1 per rim charge when tires are removed or replaced,” said Brinkley.
According to Brinkley, this will affect people who buy used tires and had avoided the new tire tax.
In addition, Brinkley urged citizens who have a fire, medical or police matter to call 911.
“When someone had a fire recently they called the old number for Fire Station 2 which didn’t work and thus delayed the help. Please Dial 911 for all emergencies,” said Brinkley.
Other items addressed:
• Directors had the third and final reading of an ordinance approving the financing for a 2018 Mack truck.
• The board approved a grant application with the Federal Aviation Administration for the airport.