When Missie Kramer launched what was then known as Arkadelphia Women of Prayer in April 2016, she had no idea that the prayer group would thrive the way it has.

When Missie Kramer launched what was then known as Arkadelphia Women of Prayer in April 2016, she had no idea that the prayer group would thrive the way it has.
What started in Arkadelphia has now spread to 112 cities in nine states as scores of women gather each week to pray on the same thing on the same day using the same scripture.
Kramer has been able to travel to different communities and states to visit the different prayer groups.
In addition to the miracles that are occurring locally, Kramer said testimonies of answered prayers have been reported in other parts of the country where women have gathered together for prayer.
“God’s hand is moving across our nation and Arkadelphia is the hub of what God is doing,” said Kramer.
Some of the groups may have three to five women, while others may have up to 50 women in their group.
As far as future goals are concerned, Kramer hopes to have every state in America covered in prayer.
“The ultimate goal is to have every city in the nation covered in prayer. But my goal for the following year is to get a women’s prayer group in every state of our nation,” said Kramer.
According to Kramer, Women of Prayer United is open to all believing women, regardless of their church denomination or affiliation. There is no charge to join Women of Prayer United.
“I’m not making a dime off of this. God spoke to me and said prayer is free and no one is excluded,” Kramer said.
Kramer noted that God’s blessings are falling on those in the group who are prayer.
“One of my leaders was hesitant to be a leader. She didn’t feel qualified to be a leader,” said Kramer.
Kramer assured the hesitant individual that it is God who qualifies the person for leadership.
“He’s seeing you through His eyes,” said Kramer.
After further encouragement, the individual took on the leadership role. Within two months, the leader witnessed God change the lifestyle of a family member.
“God is blessing her for stepping out. We’re not the ones that qualify each other, God is the one that qualifies us to be a leader in our cities,” Kramer said.
Kramer hopes the women of Arkadelphia would take special notice of what God is doing in the community.
“God is doing something really big here and He is using Arkadelphia as the hub. I want to encourage the women of this town to get involved with what we are doing. To be a part of prayer for our cities,” Kramer said.
Women of Prayer United meets once a month at the Arkadelphia Parks and Recreation Center. The group also meets at various locations throughout the county for monthly prayer walks. Kramer said the group meets for less than three hours each month.
“But the commitment is in your own prayer closet,” said Kramer.
Kramer believes that maintaining prayer as a priority is necessary to help save the next generation.
“Everybody can see the direction this nation is going. Of course our grandkids can’t see it because they don’t know yet, but if we don’t pray for God to change the world our children and grandchildren will be the ones that suffer. God said He will do it if we unite in prayer,” Kramer said.
Contrary to how some people may feel about their prayers, Kramer believes that a person’s prayer will make a difference.
“I truly believe if people could just grasp the revelation of what prayer really is, they would pray if they felt like it would make a difference,” said Kramer.
“I think we’ve made prayer so much of a trivial petition of asking God to give us things instead of asking ‘God, what can I do for you?’,” said Kramer.
Kramer believes it is important for people to ask God for clarification on how they can carry out His work on Earth, instead of focusing on asking for God to bless them materially.
Kramer acknowledges this movement is nothing she could have done on her own.
“There is no way I could have reached nine states from Curtis, Arkansas. It’s undeniably God’s hand moving,” Kramer said.
Area women who would like to become a part of Women of Prayer United can contact Kramer at missiekramer@yahoo.com. Please add Prayer to the subject line.
For more information about Women of Prayer United, visit www.womenofprayerunited.weebly.com.