A group of area women have committed themselves to following God’s plan of reaching the nation through united prayer.

A group of area women have committed themselves to following God’s plan of reaching the nation through united prayer.
After living in Denver for 26 years, Missie Kramer, founder of Women of Prayer United, said God specifically moved her to Arkadelphia 10 years ago.
“I wasn’t quite sure why,” said Kramer.
“Through a course of events, finally He showed me that Arkadelphia was a chosen city to be a hub to the nation for united prayer. He very clearly spoke to me and said He was going to change the course of history and, through united prayer, save the next generation,” said Kramer.
After consulting God on how Arkadelphia would reach the nation through united prayer, Kramer initially started Arkadelphia Women of Prayer in April 2016.
From there, Women of Prayer United achieved its non-profit status and was launched nationwide in late October. Within seven months, the prayer group has gained 112 cities in nine states. The groups are praying the same thing on the same day using the same scripture.
“We are praying specifically and very strategically for our cities,” said Kramer, who added that she
believes God will change a nation one city and one heart at a time.
“He’s given me a very strategic prayer guide that we follow just to keep us all united. Each city has a leader and each leader follows my guidelines to keep us praying in the same direction,” Kramer said.
According to Kramer, the movement has spread to nearby cities and towns such as Benton, Haskell, Alexander, Hot Springs, Hot Springs Village, Camden and El Dorado. The states that join Arkansas in praying are South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Wyoming and Mississippi.
“It’s spreading quickly,” Kramer said.
According to Kramer, the local Women of Prayer group has received representation from 12 of the 42 churches in the Arkadelphia and surrounding area.
“My goal is to get a representative from each church in our prayer group,” said Kramer.
The local Women of Prayer group is a community prayer group.
“It isn’t one specific church that’s doing this. It is women that just want to get together and pray for our cities,” Kramer said.
Since forming Women of Prayer United, Kramer noted there have been multiple miracles to occur.
“We have been praying for change to come to Arkadelphia,” Kramer said.
Citing a recent article in the Siftings pertaining to a decline in Clark County’s unemployment rate, Kramer said the group has been praying for more jobs and for the economics of the city to increase.
“The sales tax revenue income was the highest it has ever been. We’ve been praying for businesses to prosper. That’s an answered prayer,” said Kramer.
In addition, Kramer said the group has prayed for both Henderson State and Ouachita Baptist Universities.
“Henderson received recognition for the Best Nursing Program in the State. That’s an answer to our prayer,” Kramer said.
Prayers were also offered by the group for the exposure of “the slime and the muck” of the city.
“There was a state Amber Alert and they found the little girl in Arkadelphia. That’s an answered prayer,” said Kramer.
In addition, Kramer noted an answered prayer regarding the arrest of a thief of a customized Jeep in Arkadelphia.
“We are praying for the black cloud of this city to lift and for God’s hand to move. For churches to be like magnets that are drawing unsaved people,” said Kramer.
Locally, the group prays for churches and pastors on Mondays, for families on Tuesdays, for the education system on Wednesdays, for city government on Thursdays and for businesses, entertainment and the local media on Fridays.
In addition, the group has conducted successful prayer walks at Arkadelphia Town Hall, the Clark County Courthouse, the future site of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Park, the Pregnancy Resource Center of Southwest Arkansas, Goza Middle School and Arkadelphia High School.
Numerous churches, both colleges, specific businesses and Baptist Health Medical Center -Arkadelphia have also been prayed over by the group.
“God’s answering our prayers. Miracles are happening,” said Kramer.
According to Kramer, the group prayed over a specific group that was struggling.
“We prayed for God to prosper them, they were believers and wanted God to help them. Since we’ve prayed, the success of their business has been undeniable. They’ve had more business than they’ve had for the whole prior year,” Kramer said.
The trend has also spread to area churches as one particular church reported the number of baptisms conducted for one month had transcended the number of baptisms for the entire previous year.