A Noble Mother

It was a cold December morning in 2004, around 6:30 a.m. As I was preparing for work I received an unexpected call. On the other end was the trembling voice of my youngest sibling, breaking the shocking news that our mother’s life had expired.
“Oh no, I said, this can’t be true.” For a brief moment, I was confused and immobilized, but eventually I found myself racing to my car to make my way to my deceased mother.
At this point I realized that the woman who gave me life, would no longer be available for me, nor would I have the option to call her, just to say, “I love you!”
Just 11 days before Christmas, I was now facing an unforgettable moment in my life. But through prayer and the steadiness of Faith, God granted me the strength to endure her absence.
I’m very grateful that my photo album is filled with memories of her, but I’m more grateful that my heart is filled with memories of the things that she taught me. She instilled in me the beauty of motherhood, as she taught me how to love and nurture my own children as well as how to guide them in the word of God.
I realize that motherhood is an awesome responsibility, and it is also an honor to be called “mother.” This somewhat reminds me of the story of Mary, whom God chose to become the earthly mother of Jesus. Mary was highly favored by God and He trusted her with the life of His one and only son.
You too have been chosen by God because He has great purpose for you as a mother. He knew from the beginning that you would add value to your children by showing them the way of Christ.
You have been counted worthy in His eyes and my prayer is that His blessings will continue to flourish in your life as you strive to become the best mother that you can possibly be.
May your Mother’s Day be a blessed one filled with love, peace and joy. “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all” (Proverbs 31:29).

Carolyn Crow is a contributing writer and can be reached at crowcjo@gmail.com.