Clark County Health Inspector Calvin Nichols made the following findings for the month of February.

67 Grill
629 Main St.
Nichols instructed that raw chicken not be stored above lettuce. This was corrected, as was a washing and glove changing issue. Also, the walk-in cooler’s ambient air temperature exceeded 41 degrees. In response, eggs were put in another unit with the proper temperature. Baked potatoes and cole slaw were thrown out.

Arkadelphia Senior Activity
1311 N 10th St.
Metal shavings were seen on the gear of a can opener. This was corrected by a rotation with an alternate device.

Big Cheese Pizza
2909 W. Pine St.
Spray bottles must have a clear, common name marked on them if out of its original container. Also, single use cups can not be used for scooping. This was corrected.

Bright Beginnings
1218 Walnut St.
A thermometer had to be placed in a dairy refrigerator.

2750 Pine St.
Chips in boxes must be kept off the floor.

Burger King
2820 W. Pine
A water bottle required a label. A second visit saw no further violations.

Cuddle Bugs
820 Wade St.
The only infraction, which concerned clean dishes being kept beneath sink drain pipes, was corrected.

Dollar Tree
112 W.P. Malone Dr.
Boxed food items were kept on the floor.
Family Dollar
1550 Pine St.
Swollen canned products were taken off of shelves. Paper towels and other single use items were stored on the floor.

921 Clinton St.
All “outer openings” must be protected so as to prevent insects and rodents entering. Also, toilet tissue was needed in the men’s restroom.
Nana’s Front Porch
190 Valley St.
A current ADH food permit must be posted.

Perritt Primary
2900 Walnut St.
No violations.

303 N. 10th St.
Repairs were scheduled for a hand washing sink.

Twisted Ice
3 Southlake Road
The business reportedly did not have an established health reporting policy. In addition, a sign or poster is required to notify food workers to wash hands at specific hand washing sinks.