The Arkadelphia Water and Sewer Committee met last week to discuss a small agenda with several important topics.

The Arkadelphia Water and Sewer Committee met last week to discuss a small agenda with several important topics.
A Wednesday, May 10 date was set for the committee to come together to tour the new water plant. The facility is in its early construction stages.
Stewart Noland, president of Crist Engineering, Inc., and one of the main engineering companies handling the construction of the plant gave a report of completed projects and projects that will be completed in the following months.
According to Noland, all of the work that has taken place “in river” was finally completed. After a few complications with the clear well, the work on it has been completed. He also stated that their next main focus would be on the plant’s operation building and that a lot of good equipment would arrive mid-April.
Noland gave a projected substantial completion date of Oct. 3, 2017. The engineering firm does not see any major complications arising in the near future.
It was reported that Shandong Sun Paper representatives have applied for several permit applications. The applications are still in a review period. The water plan compliance permit was approved by Arkansas Natural Resources Commission (ANRC) and given to the city.
The next phase is a water diversion permit, which would allow the city to take 20 million gallons a day out of the Ouachita River for the use of process water for the plant. The process is still pending with the ANRC. Noland said this request shouldn’t be a problem from the city because the numbers for the river are well over regulation.
“This is a great place to do what they have proposed to do. There are very few places in the state that be as qualified to make a diversion of this size,” said Noland.
The third permit applied for was a waste water discharge plan. This application is still pending with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). It is expected to be awarded by June 1, 2017. The committee also discussed several other permits that still need to be applied for to move forward with construction.
David Green and Brenda Gills traveled to Little Rock to meet with ANRC and Sun Paper representatives to discuss funding for the pulp mill.
The third order of business that the committee discussed was a bid for a new truck for field operations because the one currently in use “worn out”.

The committee solicited bids for the new truck. A recommendation is on its way to the Arkadelphia City Board of Directors for approval.