Members of the Clark County Quorum Court heard multiple reports from County Judge Troy Tucker during their Monday meeting.

Members of the Clark County Quorum Court heard multiple reports from County Judge Troy Tucker during their Monday meeting.
According to Tucker, work on the DeGray Lake Lower Dam/Cedar Grove boat ramp has been completed and open for public use.
In addition, Tucker said the workers are putting shingles on the Clark County Courthouse roof.
“We’re going to do some other work that we did not originally have in the grant,” said Tucker, who added that there will be some funds left over from the project.
“We’re working with Twin Rivers Architect and we’re modifying the grant to expend some those other funds,” Tucker said.
Tucker hopes to increasing the size of the gutters, install new copper flashing and make other cosmetic enhancements to the facility.
Tucker reported that county employees recently participated in a Back-to-School Backpack Program in conjunction with Patterson Federal Credit Union.
“Clark County employees really stepped up. I’m proud to say they did a great job,” said Tucker.
Tucker also reported the retirement of Bob Palmer as the county’s Veterans Service Officer. Larry Cain has been hired to replace Palmer.
Tucker turned his attention to the National Guard Armory.
“There has been a lot of previous discussion concerning the Armory building,” said Tucker.
While the City of Arkadelphia owns the building, the county uses the kitchen to prepare meals for inmates.
Tucker said he has had conversations with Acting City Manager Brenda Gills concerning the possibility of the county purchasing the building.
“I think we have had some pretty productive conversation, but it is very preliminary,” said Tucker.
Tucker expressed an interest in hearing what justices had to say concerning the possible of the building.
Justice Brown Hardman, who stated he has pushed the proposal of the county purchasing the building, noted that the roof on the building leaks.
“We’ve known that for three years. We have talked back and forth and a lot of the Quorum Court felt like it should be given to us by the city,” said Hardman.
While Hardman agrees the structure of the building is still good, he added that something must be done to keep the building from deteriorating.
Justices voted to allow Tucker to continue his negotiations with the city on a possible purchase of the building.
Tucker said some “tough decisions” will need to be made in the future regarding the county’s sanitation and landfill.
Tucker expressed a desire to form a sanitation committee to serve as an advisory committee and to draft possible future ordinances as it relates to sanitation.
According to Tucker, the sanitation/landfill cash collected for 2016 was $16,601.59. Tucker explained the amount is the total amount of cash collected from those who used the landfill.
In addition, the landfill charge, which is levied on contractors, was $5,434.13.
“You can see that we didn’t make much money at the Clark County Landfill in 2016. A large portion of that time people weren’t able to utilize it,” Tucker said.
Tucker hopes that a decision will be made by the end of the year regarding the fate of the county’s sanitation and landfill.
In regards to the current landfill, Tucker is hope to have the county’s portion of the project completed in the coming weeks.
The project will then be turned over to engineers for soil testing for compaction and moisture. The results will be submitted to the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality for permitting, which will allow dumping to resume in the landfill.
“I have been very busy,” said Tucker, who then ticked off a list of civic and community events he has attended since January.