Multiple updates were presented Thursday to the Henderson State University Board of Trustees by university president Dr. Glen Jones.

Multiple updates were presented Thursday to the Henderson State University Board of Trustees by university president Dr. Glen Jones.
Jones elaborated on the Southern Arkansas Regional Alliance, which is a partnership between HSU, National Park College and College of the Ouachitas.
“We’re really excited about this. We’ve been working on this for some time now,” said Jones.
According to Jones, the partnership will benefit the students and the region.
“The students will know coming out of high school that if they start here, that they can end up there without any inconvenience or disruption to the quality or the amount of time it will take them to finish their degree,” Jones said.
In addition, Jones noted the university’s nursing program was recently recognized as the best in the state by
According to Jones, is a highly respected group that analyzed the program’s supports students towards licensure and beyond. For example, researchers analyzed past and present NCLEX-RN “pass rates,” weighted by year.
In addition, the university’s Teacher’s College program received national recognition for its English Education Program and MSE Educational Leadership Program for principal licensure.
Jones also reported an increase in donors and alumni donation and a headcount of 3,208 students for the spring semester.
“We’re going to have a focus in our next board meeting on enrollment and retention,” said Jones.
Other items addressed:
• Brett Powell, vice president for finance and administration, reported the completion of several campus projects.
According to Powell, a renovation phase for the former cafeteria is near completion.
“There is a little bit of work still going on inside. We anticipate that being done by the end of the month, getting the street opened back up and getting things back to normal until we start on the next phase,” said Powell.
Powell said there are several more phases to the project that must be completed before the facility can reopen.
In addition, Powell said new carpet and is being added to the second floor of the Huie Library. Plans are to add carpeting to the third floor next year. Temperature controls are also being added to the library.
• Trustees approved the implementation of a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Medicine Technology degree.
According to Dr. Stephen Adkison, provost/vice president for academic affairs, the BS in Nuclear Medicine is a joint program with Baptist Health College. Students will take 79 hours at HSU and 57 hours at Baptist Health.
Nuclear Medicine Technology is a patient oriented career that combines chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer technology and medicine using radioactivity to construct images of organs. Study is also given to the physiologic process for diagnostic, therapeutic and research purposes.
“This degree will provide Henderson students with an additional health career option in a field that is expected to grow up until the year 2024,” said Adkison.
It was reported that the annual salary range for a career in nuclear medicine technology was $68,000 to $84,000 as of January 2017.
The program is separate from the university’s nursing program and offers an additional option to students who may not be accepted to the nursing program.