Health inspections for the month of December netted the following results:

Andy’s, 2927 W. Pine St.
Deli meat was being kept at a temperature of more than 41 degrees at the prep line. This food was moved to a walk-in cooler.
It was also advised that cleaner should not be kept in the ice machine and that dishes should be washed, rinsed, then sanitized as opposed to being washed and sanitized. All notes were corrected.
Cracker Barrel, 173 Valley Rd.
An employee was advised not to touch food or ice prepared for consumption with their bare hands.
As such, Health Inspector Calvin Nichols noted, cornbread was discarded. A repair order was also put in regarding a plumbing leak.
Community Family Enrichment, 301 N. 23rd St.
No violations.
Hamburger Barn, 2813 Pine St.
Nichols noted that raw chicken and bacon were stored over raw fish and tortillas, respectively. These violations were corrected.
Iron Mountain Marina Store, 134 Iron Mountain Marina Dr.
The establishment was in need of a clear, visible sign or poster instructing employees to wash their hands.
Cliff Harris Stadium, 410 Ouachita St.
No violations.
Ouachita Baptist Dining-Sodexo 410 Ouachita St.
The university corrected an infringement regarding raw pork stored over deli turkey meat. Also corrected was a grill area vent hood missing a filter.
O’Keefe’s Fish Net, 5000 Valley
The only infraction, shell eggs being kept above condiments, was rectified.
Western Sizzlin, 106 W.P. Malone Dr.
Ground beef was kept over whole beef, which was corrected. In the hot holding buffet section, crawfish was held below 135 degrees. This was corrected by increasing the temperature setting. Additionally, food out of its original packaging has to be identified by a common name and more cleaning was needed in the dish washing area’s walls.