The Arkadelphia City Board of Directors were given a review of the city’s departments and revenues during their weekend retreat.

The Arkadelphia City Board of Directors were given a review of the city’s departments and revenues during their weekend retreat.
Directors learned a retirement is pending for 2018 in the city’s building department.
A slight increase in legal notice expenses is projected for 2017. Plans are to amend the city’s flood development maps and ordinances upon completion of the new Ouachita River Bridge and a land use ordinance upon the completion and adoption of the North 10th Street overlay district.
The new public schools and the new site for Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins and Little Caesar’s are among some of the projected construction projects for 2017. 
The city’s community and special events department is still a new department. It is growing, learning and will continue to improve.
The department has had a hand in producing multiple events over the course of the year. Projected expenses for the community and special events department is $175,206 for 2016.
According to Acting City Manager Brenda Gills, part-time personnel expenses will increase when fall sports commence.
Several seasoned employees are expected to retire over the next couple of years from the city’s fire department.
“They do an excellent job,” said Gills.
“The department along with the water and sewer department made improvements to lower the ISO rating from a five to a four. This will lower our citizen’s insurance rates,” Gills explained.
The department’s projected expenses for 2016 is $1,123,425. Gills noted a $415,000 grant request.
Projected expenses for the city’s general government department is $1,273,291.
According to Gills, $500,000 of the aforementioned amount is the Streetscape Grant and expenses that have not been received or spent.
The city’s police department were the recipients of multiple grants and accumulated a significant amount of various hand, air-powered and battery powered tools through participation in the surplus property program of the Law Enforcement Support Office.
Projected expenses for the department is $1,882,070.
Sanitation reported a continued growth in recycling. 
The recycling total for 2015 was 46.90 tons. The city’s sanitation department hit the recycling total for 2015 during the first week in August.
In addition, the department reported a sharp decline in costs to distribute trash bags.
“The last time bags were thrown door-to-door was in December 2014. Total costs for that throw was $8,375.71 which includes the overtime hours and over thrown bags value. This was done three times per year for an approximate cost of $25,000 annually,” Gills explained.
Since adopting the voucher redemption drive through event held twice a year, total savings equal $13,200 per year.
The sanitation department has requested a backhoe for 2017. They are currently using a 2000 model and a second-hand device from the city’s street department.
In addition, the city is working with several property owners to purchase their homes that have been prone to flood during heavy rains.
The city’s street department completed various hot mix and drainage maintenance projects for 2016.
Micro sealing is expected to begin in the coming weeks in all five wards of the city, while crack sealing is scheduled for the winter months.
“The weather effects every one of those projects,” Gills said.
Multiple projects are planned for 2017.
Work continues on the city’s water treatment plant project. The project is expected to be finished in the fall of 2017.
While there are no major projects slated for 2017, Gills noted the Shandong Sun Paper mill could change the initial plans.
In addition, the city reported $968,436 in sales tax collections for January to June of 2016. This is  s 12-percent increase from 2015 when $956,745 was collected for the same time period.