The Arkadelphia City Board of Directors identified some of its priorities for the upcoming year during Saturday’s Board Retreat.
Although no action was taken on any of the items submitted, the board gave Acting City Manager Brenda Gills some direction on what items they would like to see in the budget for 2017.
Public safety, truck traffic, flooding and improvements at Feaster Park were among the initial priorities directors identified.
Directors then listed street improvements, sidewalks, water and blind spots as additional priority items.
In addition, directors were asked to state their likes and dislikes with the city.
The city’s water, sewer and sanitation department were among the likes for Arkadelphia Mayor James Calhoun, Assistant Mayor Dick Rudolph and Director-at-Large Julie Winfrey.
In addition to the city’s water and sewer department, growth to Arkadelphia’s downtown was a pro for Ward 5 Director David Rider. 
Public safety was a positive among Ward 1 Director Taylor Chaney and Ward 4 Director Joann Nelson.
As far as dislikes, Rider cited the time citizens are asked to place their trash at the curb.
In addition, Winfrey said she was not pleased with the city’s trash bags, while Chaney noted a pot hole at Sixth and Caddo Streets.
Speeding and a lack of obeying traffic rules were among the dislikes for Rudolph, Nelson and Calhoun.
The projected revenues for the city’s general fund for 2016 is $9,621,048, while the projected expenses for the same account and time period is $9,241,628.
The city’s airport department is the newest department for the city. Revenues for the airport are building with hangar rental and fuel sales.
In addition, several grants have been received to solve safety concerns.
“The City of Arkadelphia is very fortunate to have found a competent airport manager with the knowledge to get our airport in compliance,” said Gills.
Staff with the airport department have requested a spill prevention plan, additional training and additional fencing for 2017.
Projected expenses for the city’s animal control department is $55,650 for 2016, while expenses for the city’s aquatic park is $179,533.
The aquatic park reported 17,492 attendees for 2016. This does not include parties or swim lessons.
The park also reported $29,841 in concession revenues of as of Aug.14.
See additional coverage of Saturday’s retreat in an upcoming edition of the Siftings.