Summer Reading Program offers prizes, activities.

Summer is here. Kids are out of school and by now may be looking for some fun things to do. The Clark County Library and Henderson State University’s Huie Library have the solution.
The 2016 Children’s Summer Reading Program is getting ready to start. This program is held at the Cabe Library in Gurdon, the Clark County Library in Arkadelphia and at Huie Library.
The theme this year is “On Your Mark, Get Set, Read.”
Readers from the ages of 6–12 are invited to come join the fun of this program. It is not just reading Danella Metcalf, Librarian Assistant at the Clark County Library said. Children will explore all things sports and fitness this summer.
“It keeps children active — brain and body,” Metcalf said. “And it is free to the public.”
There will be group games, physical challenges, art projects and more. Every week they have guest speakers that will come to interact with the children. The reading program is geared towards children ages 6–12. Children that are independent readers are encouraged to join the reading program, but the library does not want to leave the younger children out so there will be a story hour geared towards children ages 3–6.
Story hour for the younger children will be held at the library every Wednesday starting June 15 at 10 a.m. through July 20. The younger children will also be encouraged to attend the special events set for the older children ages 6–12.
Cabe Library will have story hour for children ages 3–6 on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. with a reading program for the older children at 2 p.m.
The Reading Program for independent readers will be at 2 p.m. Parents have the choice of two locations, the Clark County Library on Wednesdays or the Huie library on Henderson’s campus on Tuesdays. Each location has special events set up for the children.
Every child that signs up for the program will receive a gift bag with everything that is needed to complete the program. They will sign a contract stating how many books they plan to read throughout the program.
“I want to make them more responsible,” Metcalf said.
In this program every child will be a winner. Every day there will be chances to win a prize. At the end of the program, the child that is the top reader of their grade will get a special prize.
On July 27 at the end of the program, there will be the End of Summer Bash; everyone that attends will receive a certificate and a parting gift.
For more information contact the Clark County Library at 246-2271, Cabe Library at 353-2911 or Huie Library at 230-5258.

Schedule of Events

Huie Library Second Floor Classroom
• June 14 Soccer Presentation 2 p.m.
• June 21 Yoga Presentation 2 p.m.
• June 28 Game and Fish Presentation 2 p.m.
• July 5 Hiking Presentation 2 p.m.
• July 12 running presentation 2 p.m.
• July 19 Kayaking and Biking 2 p.m.
• July 26 End of Summer Bash 2 p.m.

Clark County Library
• June 15 Titan Martial Arts 2 p.m.
• June 22 The Little Rock Zoo 2 p.m.
• June 29 Magic Show 2 p.m.
• July 6 Degray Lake State Park 2 p.m.
• July 13 Zumba 2 p.m.
• July 20 Arkansas Farm Bureau 2 p.m.
• July 27 End of Summer Bash 2 p.m.

Cabe Library
• June 14 Story time ages 3–6 Fishing Games 10 a.m. Reading Program grades 1–6 Pea pod power station 2 p.m.
• June 23 Story time ages 3–6 Crafts and Nature Explore 10 a.m. Reading Program grades 1-6 Obstacle course 2 p.m.
• June 30 story time ages 3-6 ABC Soup 10 a.m. Reading Program grades 1-6 Magician 2 p.m.
• July 7 story time ages 3-6 Sink or Float 10 a.m. Reading Program grades 1-6 Pancake Race 2 p.m.
• July 14 story time ages 3-6 Movie 10 a.m. Reading Program grades 1-6 Degray Lake 2 p.m.
• July 21 story time ages 3-6 Farm Bureau 10 a.m. Reading Program grades 1-6 Farm Bureau 2 p.m.

• July 28 reading Program grades 1-6 Zoo and Awards ceremony 2 p.m.