Hill's wife and daughter nearly hit by a vehicle that was driven into a Little Rock store.

Clark County District Judge Randy Hill is one lucky guy.
He survived the 1999 Flight 1420 crash in Little Rock that killed 10 passengers and the captain. On Sept. 11, 2011, he watched from the La Guardia airport runway as the second hi-jacked plane flew into the World Trade Center; his flight was next in line to take off.
His wife, Jess, came into a close encounter of her own this week while shopping in Little Rock. She and their daughter, Claire, stopped at a shopping center on Cantrell Road Wednesday afternoon — just a minute later, a car that had been parked next to theirs drove into a shop that sells sporting goods, striking the store's manager and a clerk.
Jess recalled taking note of a black Cadillac — the very one that plunged into the tennis shop — once she pulled up next to it, as the occupants were soliciting donations for an athletics team. "Jess walked into the beauty shop [next door]," Randy said, "and not a minute later she heard the crash." Apparently, the Cadillac driver backed out after the Hills walked into the beauty shop and before jolting forward, hitting the Hills' SUV on the bumper and crashing into the storefront.
Little Rock television station KATV reported on Thursday that the driver, a 33-year-old female, was cited for careless driving and driving with a suspended license. The clerk inside the store suffered a broken leg, and the manager had cuts to his face, KATV reported.
Coupled with Randy's track record of air travel, Wednesday's mishap has family friends wondering if the Hills were given nine lives at birth. After posting a photo and caption of the accident to Facebook, some quipped about the possibility of nine lives. Asked by a reporter how many lives he's down to, Randy laughed. "I've lost count," he said. "Usually it's me, it's not my family."
Pointing to the thought that the accident could have happened as Jess was getting out of her vehicle, Randy said he was thankful for how it turned out. "It could've been worse," he said. "It's a miracle no one else was hurt."