Houston woman arrested and refuses to cooperate with local authorities.

Clark County officials say they've arrested a Houston woman who stole a rental car there and headed east.
Lashonda Marie Lewis of Houston isn't cooperating with authorities, but she remains in custody at the Pike County Detention Center on charges of theft by receiving.
Sgt. Brian Daniel, criminal investigator with the Clark County Sheriff's Office, released an affidavit Thursday morning that indicates Lewis, 22, took off with an acquaintance's car that was rented while another car was in a shop for repairs.
Lewis was arrested Tuesday at the 73 eastbound mile-marker of Interstate 30 after Deputy Russell Ursery set up and waited for the stolen Nissan Altima. Arkansas State Police's Troop G had radioed area agencies after receiving reports of a reckless driver headed eastbound in Miller County. The car, ASP also noted, was reported stolen out of the Houston area.
The affidavit indicates that Ursery followed the stolen vehicle for 10 miles before conducting a traffic stop. She was taken into custody without incident.
Lewis knew the woman, also from Houston, who had rented the car, Daniel said. "She and her mother picked up our suspect" after dropping off the vehicle for repairs and obtaining a rental car, Daniel noted. "They took [Lewis] with them and stayed a night in a motel in the Houston area, and they were going to go the next morning to get the girl's vehicle out of the shop."
But at some point during the motel stay, Lewis allegedly took the car, leaving the others behind.
Once Lewis was placed in custody, authorities found a .32 caliber pistol, also reported stolen from the Houston area, in the vehicle.
Because Lewis isn't talking to authorities, her intended destination is not clear. She was in court Wednesday for a first appearance.