EDCCC agrees to pursue with plans of buying property and entertains other reports.

Members of the EDCCC voted Thursday to proceed with plans to purchase the Red Ball Oxygen property located adjacent to the Clark County Industrial Park.
"As a follow up to our last board meeting, the committee made a recommendation that involved the Red Ball property," said EDCCC member Allen Morgan.
According to Morgan, the property is 11.86 acres and is located at the intersection of highways 26 and 67.
"It's the corner of our industrial park. It is the last remaining non-continuous property that is owned in that area," said Morgan.
According to Morgan, the EDCCC has made efforts for approximately two years to secure the Red Ball Oxygen property from its owners.
"It is an old industrial property. As any old industrial property would have with buildings that were built in the era they were built, it does have some contamination," Morgan said.
According to Morgan, the contamination involves asbestos on the building, hydrocarbons, and chroming.
"Nothing alarming, but it is still contaminated," said Morgan.
After speaking with company officials, Morgan said one of the problems has been gathering interest in cleaning up the property.
The EDCCC voted to give the land acquisition committee the right to negotiation rights to work with the land owner to secure the property.
The purchase of the property will be on the condition that the property is cleaned by the existing property owners.
Other items addressed:
• Kay Brockwell, interim economic developer, told the board that equipment for the new Hillstern Farms is scheduled to arrive this week.
According to Brockwell, construction is approximately 85 percent complete.
• Design work is currently underway for the new Rainbow of Challenges facility. Bids are expected to be advertised later this spring.
• Brockwell said she has had several conversations with several industries that are looking to expand.
• Members approved the continuation of the BRE contract with the Henderson State University's Small Business Technology Development Center.