Recent court filings reported by the Clark County Circuit Court.

Monday, March 10
Mary Alyce Chambers. Small estate. Case closed.
Linda Story vs. Bobby Story. Divorce.
State of Arkansas OCSE vs. Quentin Brimley. Paternity support.
Julius Marks. Decedent estate.
USA Rural Housing Service vs. Shannon Hogan, et al. Foreclosure.

Tuesday, March 11
Runette Howell vs. Walmart Store #318. Negligence.
State of Arkansas OCSE vs. Dorsey L. Kelley. Foreign Judgment.
Rebecca J. Helphinstine vs. Kevin J. Helphinstine. Divorce.
Mary M. Williams vs. Vincent Williams. Divorce.
Denise Lajoyce Barton. Small estate. Case closed.
Warnette Hunter vs. Walmart Store #318. Negligence.
Brenda Philson vs. Walmart Store #318. Negligence.

Wednesday, March 12
AEL Financial, LLC, vs. Caddo Express Freight, Inc., et al. Name change.
Athena Kelly Holmes, vs. Terry Allen Holmes. Divorce with support.
James O. Brooks vs. American Armored Transport, Inc., et al. Negligence: motor vehicle.
State of Arkansas OCSE vs. Michael Hughes. Child support.
Maylissia Holliman. Decedent estate.

Friday, March 14
USDA vs. James E. Roberts & Mary Roberts. Foreclosure.
Robert Harper vs. Helen Gallow. Divorce.

Monday, March 17
Latarsha Shavet Davis vs. Tyrone Maroc Joyce. Divorce.
James Anthony Williams AKA James A. Robinson. Small estate.