Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

As we near the time to vote for the economic development tax, I believe we need to consider the less obvious benefits of this opportunity.
I do not know of every company that has benefited directly and indirectly from the tax funds, but when I pay half of a penny on the dollar in tax, I know that we have an economic development team working on our behalf. Clark County is one of 17 counties in Arkansas with the luxury of having an economic development tax and paid staff to work with our local industries and recruit new ones to the area.
The economic development team not only uses our tax funds for incentives, but also acts as a liaison between our industries and the state of Arkansas. The state of Arkansas offers incentives for training workforce and adding jobs and these are resources not paid from our local half-cent tax.
The fact that we have an economic development structure and staff to connect the dots with resources is worth my half-cent. I hope you will join me on March 11 to vote in favor of continuing this tax.
Thank you,
Jason Watson
Clark County Sheriff and Collector