Waiting tables raises funds for Badger baseball team.

The Arkadelphia Badger baseball team had a successful fundraiser Monday night, bringing in over $1,900 for the team.

“We brought in $1,973,” said Tammy White, who helped spearhead the event. “We got $300 from [Sheriff] Jason Watson, and Slim & Shorty’s donated as well.”

White said that she had the idea for the event after talking with Badger head coach Brant Matros about a fundraiser.

“He wanted to get the kids involved,” she said. “He wanted the boys to give back. He wanted to encourage them to work for the community.”

White said that the idea came from the success of the Junior Auxiliary’s similar event last year at Slim & Shorty’s.

“I contacted them, and Misty [Harris] agreed to let us,” White said. “I don’t think she realized how well this would go.”

Harris admitted that the crowd was bigger than she expected.

“I was taken aback by how many people came out on a Monday night,” she said. “It was great to see the community really come out and support our students. It’s great to see the enthusiasm for sports in this community.”

Harris said that the event was a great success.

“They did a great job,” she said of the baseball team. “They learned a little bit about working as a team. This was our second time [to have a fundraiser like this]. This was the first time we had youth come in, and it was a great success.”

White said that this was a great event for the team.

“The community really came out to support us,” she said. “The whole team came out except for the guys still playing basketball. It was good to take these kids and showcase them. I’m excited to see the boys work.”

Matros was thankful for the support of the community and Slim & Shorty’s for helping to make this event a success.