Writer urges motorists to use caution when driving in Arkadelphia.

College students: Arkadelphia welcomes you. For this reason, I’m asking you to respect our traffic laws. I really don’t care at all how late you are for your eight o’clock; you have the same responsibility as the rest of us to stop at a stop sign. Especially if your truck is approximately twice as big as the little black Buick traversing the cross street.
Especially if your truck is big enough to require a wider-than-normal turn around Arkadelphia’s tiny corners, causing the little black Buick to swerve in the opposite direction to avoid a collision. That would’ve made you REALLY late.
Look, I know Arkadelphia’s streets leave a bit to be desired. I’ve driven all over this state and they’re far from the best, but they’re also not quite the worst —”Welcome to Batesville, land of 10,000 potholes.”
We have weird patches of rough pavement everywhere and tons of those awkward, tiny corners, especially from 14th Street east to Henderson’s campus. But you have to learn to live with it and make appropriate accommodations in your driving style.
If there’s a stop sign, stop. It’s that simple. Look at the streets and not at your phone or your friends or whatever else. Those narrow residential streets from 14th east to campus?
The speed limit is 25 because driving faster on those streets will damage your car, because the —ahem— unique topography of our lovely town is quite frankly a pain in the rear for anyone who hopes to pave an even surface. In short, college students, we want you here.
We love you being here. We’re happy and proud for you that you get to enjoy an education from two of the best schools in thestate. In return, we need you to respect us and drive courteously.
Also, a giant thank you to the Street Department for finally painting proper lines on Pine Street.
Jess Phelps