The Gurdon Go-Devils struggled in the second half against the Spring Hill Bears, falling 60-52 at home.

The Devils took a 13-7 lead in the opening period, but the Bears were able to cut the Devils' lead by the half, 30-26.

After the break, the Bears came out hot, holding the Devils to eight while adding 14 to take a 40-38 lead with eight minutes to go.

Spring Hill added 20 in the last period while the Devils were only able to add 14 to set the final.

Alunzo Leeper led the Devils with 11 points, Adam Cooper had 10 and Brandon Beals put up seven.

The Devils only shot for 31 percent from the field, hitting 19 of 62. They made eight of 13 from the charity stripe for 62 percent efficiency.

The Bears hit nine of 19 from the free throw line while hit 24 of 49 from the field for 49 percent efficiency.

The Devils will host Lafayette County Friday night in their final home match of the regular season.