The Arkadelphia Lady Badgers Junior Varsity squad fell to the Malvern Lady Leopards Tuesday night, 29-25, after a rough third period.

The Lady Badgers put up only two in the first period while allowing 12 by Malvern for a 12-2 deficit.

The Lady Badgers made a comeback in the second, however, putting up 16 while Malvern added four for an 18-16 Arkadelphia lead.

After the break, the Lady Leopards came out strong, putting up 11 while holding the home team scoreless, 27-18.

The Lady Badgers added seven in the fourth while giving up two to set the final.

Kaitlyn Williams led the Lady Badgers with eight points, and Kyauna Crawford had five.

Jenesis Mitchell put up three, and Myesha Brown, Angel Eley, Jalexis Buckley and Janeeshia Harvell had two each.