Members of the Gurdon Rotary Club handed out personalized dictionaries to the third grade students at the Gurdon Primary School. The students assembled in the school gymnasium where Gurdon Rotary Club President Randy Cox told them about the service organization.
“The Gurdon Rotary Club is involved in our community and there are Rotary Clubs all over America and all over the world. One of the most important things that the Rotary Club does is provide vaccines for a disease called caused polio,” said Cox. “Another thing that the club likes to do is give dictionaries to students.”

He challenged the children to use their dictionaries to look up new words every day. Cox, along with Gurdon Rotarians Carl Ownbey and Kurt Hill called the 41 students by name and gave them their dictionary that had their name written on the inside.

Besides information on words, the books also contained maps of the world, planets, facts about all the nations of the world, sign language charts, biographies' of United State Presidents, the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and much more.

The students thanked the Rotarians for the dictionaries.