God speaks through songs.

On June 18, 2012, a song came to me and I wrote it down. God gives songs. I am convinced that anybody can get a song from the Lord if we just listen to the word or subject that is repeatedly ringing in our heart. That is oftentimes the Lord speaking to us. Many times if we will put a few musical notes to that word we will find that, with just a little bit of effort, it will come together into a melody. Anyway, the song that I got was based on Psalms 5:11, 12. This scripture tells us that the favor of God surrounds the righteous like a protecting shield. Faith in Jesus Christ is what makes us righteous in the eyes of God. It is not because of our goodness. The righteousness of Jesus Christ put to our account through faith in him gives us the favor of God. So the song goes like this: Chorus: Because of Jesus, favor surrounds me, Because of Jesus, grace abounds in me, He paid the price for me, now I’m completely free, And now I rest in Him in perfect harmony. Verse 1. Sometimes I feel like I won’t make it, Sometimes it seems, I just can’t take it, And then I remember the Word he gave, He said I’ll never leave you and I will be with you always, I’ve gone on before you, and I will make a way. Verse 2. I don’t have to worry about the future, Jesus gave his Word to bless all you and yours, I take him at his Word and rejoice in his way, I expect all his goodness, and that is what I say, I agree with his Word, and rejoice every day. When we mess up, guilt and condemnation weighs us down. That is the time to look to Jesus and see that his righteousness put to our account sets us free. The good news is that we don’t have to live in our goofs, guilt and Godless ways. We can look to Jesus and trust in the Lord’s goodness and be set free to rejoice every day. That’s what this scripture is talking about. God wants us to live in a truly happy freedom. Because of Jesus every person has God’s favor upon them. If we will believe that good news, we can all enjoy the journey knowing God is indeed on our side.