The Arkadelphia Badgers took a huge win Friday night, scoring more than two points for each scored by Nashville for a 73-36 win.

The Badgers doubled up on the Scrappers in both the first and second quarters, taking a 14-7 lead in the first and a 30-15 lead at the half.

The Scrappers made a run after the break, adding 10, but the Badgers put up 14 to stretch their lead to 44-25.

The Badgers scored 29 in the final period while allowing 11 under the Mercy Rule to set the final.

Kris Oliver led the Badgers with 24 points. He had eight steals, two assists and a block.

Bryant Robinson put up 18 points while grabbing one rebound, picking up three takeaways and garnering one assist.

Keon Lewis had 12 points with six rebounds and three steals.

Nathan Carter and Jakahari Howell put up six points apiece. Carter had four rebounds and four steals, and Howell had four rebounds and two steals.

T.J. Bird put up four points, and Kevin Lewis had three to round out the scoring for the Badgers. Lewis had one steal.

The Badgers shot for 67 percent from the free throw line. They hit 64 percent from the field and were good for 45 percent from beyond the arc.

"We turned the ball over more than I wanted," said head coach Donald Williams. "We jumped out on them early. We just went off on them … next thing I knew, we were in the Mercy Rule. They run a 1-3-1 that we could barely get through. We had to put the pressure on them."

The Badgers will be back in action tonight as they travel to Little Rock to face Pulaski Robinson. Tip-off will follow a Junior Varsity game and a Varsity girls game.