Rise in 26th St. accidents leads to improvements.

Several accidents in the curve of the 800 block of North 26th St. have prompted Arkadelphia City Manager Jimmy Bolt to take action. According to Bolt, based upon the accident reports for the area, the number of accidents have increased over the past three years area. A summary of the accident reports for the area show that there have been 16 reported accidents there since 2007. An accident report dated Dec.14, 2007, showed one accident for the year. While no accidents were reported for the area in question in 2008, there was one accident reported on May 1, 2009. Three accidents — on April 23, Nov. 2 and Dec. 29 — were reported for 2010, while one accident on Jan.9, was reported for 2011. In 2012, there were four accidents reported. These accidents were reported on March 21, July 27, Aug. 6, and Nov. 3. The number of accidents reported spiked to six in 2013. Accidents were reported on May 16, May 21, July 1, Sept. 9, Sept. 28 and Sept. 30. The majority of the accidents were reported during the afternoon to evening hours of the day. In an effort to remedy the problem, Bolt said the Arkadelphia Street Department has installed additional and larger chevrons in the curve. In addition, new bright green curve signs and new 25 mph speed limit signs have been added. According to Bolt, if the new measures do not reduce the number of accidents for the area, a flashing light will be installed in the area. Above all, Bolt urges motorists to slow down and observe the 25 mph signs while traveling through the area.