CVPD gets new ride.

CADDO VALLEY — There's a new SUV in town, but the driver behind the wheel is no soccer mom. It's Police Chief Aaron Collier. A 2014 Chevrolet Tahoe, equipped with a police package, is the first of what Collier has in mind to replace the city's current fleet of patrol units. The Caddo Valley Police Department's fleet, which consists of four 2010 Dodge Chargers, was funded by a citizen-elected, six-month sales tax. The problem with those three year-old cars, according to Collier, is the cost of maintenance and repairs. "It's been different things with the motors, but nothing major, though," Collier said. Asked what types of problems CVPD has had with the Chargers, Collier recalled one instance in which he was dispatched to a call but couldn't get the parked car out of gear. "It's things like that," the chief said, though he said the Chargers in the current fleet are "not duds." According to Collier, all of the Chargers have racked up between 80,000 and 90,000 miles on their odometers. The Tahoe, approved by the city council, came at state contract price and was paid for through the city's police department budget. Total cost for the Tahoe was $25,200. "I'm hoping to get more," Collier said of the sport utility vehicle. "They're bigger. There’s more room to hold more equipment.” Collier said he intends to sell CVPD's older vehicles to other law enforcement agencies, and have begun advertising their sale in municipal publications like City & Town.