307 scholarships given for Clark County.

In the academic year 2013, the Academic Challenge Scholarship Program awarded 307 scholarships in Clark County. The academic year 2013-14 covers scholarships awarded for the fall and spring semesters based on applications that were submitted no later than June 2013. Overall, there were approximately 32,826 scholarships awarded throughout the state. Reports for nearby counties are: • Dallas County, 66 • Garland County, 1,032 • Hot Spring County, 344 • Nevada County, 93 • Pike County, 145 According to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education's website, the Academic Challenge Program provides scholarships to Arkansas residents pursuing a higher education. Funding for the scholarships is secured largely through the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery. The Academic Challenge Scholarship is available to students regardless of their academic status. Basic eligibility criteria includes: • Being an Arkansas resident for at least 12 months prior to enrollment and US citizen/lawful permanent resident. • Be accepted for admission at an approved institution of higher education in a program of study that leads to a baccalaureate degree, associate degree, qualified certificate or a nursing school diploma. • Not have earned a baccalaureate degree. • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (although there is no maximum income) • Not owe a refund on a federal or state student financial aid grant for higher education. • Not be in default on a federal or state student financial aid loan for higher education. • Not borrowed in excess of annual federal loan limits. • Not be incarcerated at the time of application for or during the time the applicant receives the scholarship. • Complied with the United States Selective Service System requirements for registration. • Certify to be drug free. Visit the ADHE's website at www.adhe.edu for more information.