The following is a look back at some of the best, worst and most unusual of the dispatch desk reports for the first half 2013.

Jan. 1 A North Eighth Street woman reported a known female suspect sent her a text message saying she had destroyed her keys, phone, clothes and a wallet, burning them and disposing of them in a lake. Jan. 17 A Curtis Road man reported he had missed four days of work after his nephew headbutted and hit him in the face on Jan. 14. Jan. 18 A North 12th Street man reported someone dumped 27 dead ducks, some de-breasted, and a dead goose in his yard; his girlfriend later reported someone placed a dead duck on top of her vehicle's spare tire. Jan. 26 A North 16th Street woman reported someone, possibly a known female suspect, threw half of a brick through her dining room window. Feb. 4 Darrell Barnett, 49, of 222 N. 20th St. Apt.9, was arrested at a 23rd Street location for public intoxication after a caller advised seeing a bicycle-riding man wrecking at least twice. Barnett, who was apparently intoxicated, was taken to the Baptist Health Medical Center emergency room and treated for injuries. While there, a female was notified and advised she would take Barnett home for the night; but officers were dispatched ER a second time because Barnett was being unruly. Feb. 8 A South 21st Street, Arkadelphia, woman reported a known male suspect flicked her on the nose at Tucker Trailer Park on Cedar Grove Road, where she had been to check on a friend. The suspect, she said, also hit and damaged her vehicle side-view mirror. Feb. 10 Officers responded to a civil jurisdiction between two cooks at a W.P. Malone Drive restaurant. One cook said another had purposely dropped a tray onto his finger, pinching it. A Mill Creek Drive man reported someone burglarized his residence while he was away, gaining entry by throwing a propane tank through a window. The perpetrator(s) made off with $550 cash, two guns, a television, BluRay player and pocket knives. Feb. 12 A deputy responded to a Walker Road, Amity, residence, where a man reported a neighbor shot his hog with a bow and arrow. The swine apparently survived the shot, which barely penetrated its skin. The reporting deputy made contact with the suspect, who admitted shooting the hog but did not think the blunt arrow used would penetrate the skin. Feb. 17 Deputies responded to a Greenville Road, Gurdon, residence for a domestic disturbance between an unmarried couple. The parties involved both had minor marks and said they had gotten into an argument over baby formula. March 2 Deputies responded to a Robert Lee Drive residence where a woman reported her mother threatened to hit her with a stick. March 3 A deputy responded to a Center Ridge Road, Amity, residence where a woman reported her husband's new girlfriend refused to leave. She eventually left after speaking with the deputy. March 17 Officers were dispatched to 18th and Pine streets for a report of a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle. The victim, according to the reporting officer, was so intoxicated that he didn't know he had been hit by a vehicle and limped away from the scene. A search for the suspect's vehicle was unfruitful at the time of the report. March 18 Deputies responded to a Red Springs Road, Gurdon, residence where a woman reported a known male suspect let his dog attack and kill her chickens. She said the man also put tacks in her driveway, leading to two flats on her car, and that he cut the remaining two tires later. March 28 A Highway 7 woman reported a low-flying plane dropped something onto her windshield while she was driving, cracking it. The deputy saw the plane and noted that it seemed to be fertilizing fields. March 29 A Snyder Road woman reported her neighbor threatened to "do away with" her cats, which had been climbing onto the suspect's vehicle and relieving themselves. April 30 Officers responded to a North 10th Street residence for a domestic disturbance between a boyfriend and girlfriend. The argument began when the female refused to give the male the keys to his vehicle, and the man threw a bicycle tire at the car and kicked it, damaging a car door in the process. May 3 A South 10th Street man reported a known male suspect he owes money to went to his house and threatened him with a pitchfork. May 9 Robert Clinton Wheeler,31, of 415 S. Second St., was arrested at Phillips 66 for public intoxication, theft of property and possession of a controlled substance-marijuana. The convenience store manager reported Wheeler, an employee, had drank $20-30 worth of beers while stocking the cooler and throwing his empties in a Dumpster out back. The arresting officer arrived to find an intoxicated Wheeler and, as he was being booked into the jail, located a small amount of marijuana in his underwear. May 13 A North 14th Street woman reported a neighbor left a harassing note in her mailbox after her dog used the bathroom in his yard. May 14 A Pine Street detail shop owner reported being harassed by a known female suspect who wanted an employee to wash his car after hours. May 19 An Atwoods employee reported a customer had entered the store on at least four separate occasions and stared at her. May 24 Sheldon Gracin, 20, no address listed, and a 17- year-old juvenile were arrested at the Hampton Inn parking lot for fleeing and possession of a controlled substance-marijuana. Deputies were originally dispatched to the 76 mile-marker of Interstate 30 for a report of two males on bicycles at the interstate, and a brief chase ensued across Highway 7 and into the parking lot. June 9 A North 10th Street man reported going to a known male's residence to speak with him, only to get punched in the nose by the man. The complainant would not reveal why he paid the suspect a visit, nor did he know why his visit spurred a punch in the nose. Officers were summoned to Atwoods for a report that a man had entered the business on numerous occasions and stared at an employee; the male suspect had been reported to police weeks earlier for the same incident. The reporting officer located the man and advised him not to return to Atwoods or he would face criminal trespass charges. Officers were dispatched to a Caddo Street residence for a disturbance between a man and woman. The female apparently approached the male at his residence and began hitting at him, ultimately biting a finger and making it bleed. The female reported that the male entered her residence and poured bleach onto her bed comforter. June 12 A Powder Mill Apartments woman reported someone, possibly a known male suspect, poured oil into her gas tank, causing it to overflow with oil. June 14 A Gurdon man reported the theft of $780 from his sock, possibly while he was in Walmart. He said he placed the money in his sock prior to entering the store and looked in his sock after his friends were asking him for money as a joke. June 16 Ryan London Evans, 23, of 1315 Pecan St., Arkadelphia, was arrested at Highway 67 South near the city limits for driving while intoxicated after deputies and Arkadelphia firefighters were dispatched to an accident in a ditch. Upon arrival authorities located Evans on top of his submerged car, which he did not want to get off of. After the rescue effort Evans, who smelled of intoxicants, failed all sobriety tests administered. June 19 Jackson Donald Widener, 50, of Pioneer Inn Room 245, was arrested at his residence for resisting arrest and public intoxication. Officers were summoned to that location for a disorderly male subject yelling and throwing items. The arresting officer noticed Widener was unsteady on his feet and, upon grabbing his arm to get him outside, Widener,armed with an alarm clock, allegedly attempted to pull the officer into his room. June 25 Officers were dispatched to Superbubbles Car Wash on Country Club Road after the proprietor reported an unruly customer. The proprietor said he had confronted the man after watching him dump "a large amount" of rat feces onto the ground next to a vacuum and asked him to clean it up. The suspect reportedly became aggressive and said he would be using the car wash vacuum; contact was then made with police and, upon their arrival, the customer complied and cleaned up the feces, which measured "several square feet" and "surrounded the rear half of the vehicle." June 30 Katherine Wysteria Williams, 25, of 1035 Village Drive Apt. 17, was arrested at her residence for third-degree battery after her boyfriend reported she attacked him with a spatula. Officers spoke with both parties and determined Williams to be the primary aggressor in the altercation.