The following is a look back at some of the best, worst and most unusual of the dispatch desk reports for the second half of 2013.

July 1 Walmart employees reported the theft of a $500 computer after a man walked into the business empty-handed, picked up the computer and tried to obtain a refund for the merchandise for which he had no receipt. After he was unable to produce the receipt the suspect walked out of the business carrying the stolen computer. He was not located at the time of the report. July 3 Valeto Juan Hendrix, 41, of 1704 W. Pine St., was arrested at 10th and Pine streets for drinking on the highway, terroristic threatening, disorderly conduct and driving with a suspended license. Initially pulled over for speeding, Hendrix explained to the arresting officer that he had drank one of the beers missing from a 6-pack and given another to a friend. The officer began a search of the vehicle at that point. Hendrix's mother then showed up at the scene and told the officers to stop searching the vehicle. She was "very disrespectful" and Hendrix then became unruly and, after being cuffed, threatened harm to the officers. July 6 A Powder Mill Apartments woman reported aknown male suspect in a wheelchair "slugged" her in the face, for no apparent reason, at a Cypress Road location. Aug. 9 A College Inn Motel man reported a known male suspect spat on him and sent him threatening text messages in the Arabic language, which translated to causing him harm. Aug. 10 A Logan Street man reported a neighbor threatened to beat him up over his cats, which the complainant apparently had plenty of. The suspect was instructed not to bother the complainant anymore. Aug. 11 Zachary Wade Brown, 18, of El Dorado, was arrested at 523 Caddo St. (Arkadelphia Laundry & Cleaners) for public intoxication and possession of alcohol by a minor. The arresting officer found Brown passed out in the driver's seat of his vehicle, with his door ajar and his foot out of the door. After waking Brown, he appeared confused, thinking he had been pulled over. The keys to the vehicle were not in the ignition. An open beer was located in a drink-holder. Aug. 18 Leonard Earl Bennett, 58, of Sacramento, Calif., was arrested at Crawford and 15th streets for drinking in public and possessing an instrument of crime. The arresting officer observed Bennett walking down the street with a beer. Upon questioning Bennett and prior to search, he apparently said he'd picked up a crack pipe in the driveway of a relative's residence. Aug. 26 Officers responded to a Cypress Drive residence, where a woman had reportedly sprayed another female in the face with a garden hose in a successful attempt to get her off the property. The altercation apparently stemmed from a dispute over a cell phone. Sept. 7 Deputies responded to a Garner Mountain Road, Amity, residence where a woman reported her husband threw tea in her face and beat her because she wanted him to fix a window. No arrest was made, as there were no signs of injury to the complainant. Sept. 8 Kody Anatolio Olmedo, 18, of 222 Frost Road, was arrested at 10th and Murry streets for driving while intoxicated, no insurance, no seat belt, minor in possession and fictitious tags. An officer located Olmedo's car parked in a ditch and saw that Olmedo was asleep behind the wheel. When another officer was finally able to wake Olmedo he didn't know where he was and produced a receipt for a fuel pump when asked for his insurance. Olmedo failed all sobriety tests administered. Sept. 17 A South Austin Street woman reported someone struck her in the head with a metal folding chair. Officers spoke with the male suspect the female claimed did it, but because of a lack of visual identification and conflicting statements, the male was not taken into custody. The chair was taken for fingerprinting. Sept. 26 Quenton Henry, 22, of Carpenter Hill Apartments, was arrested at 1315 O'Connell St. for criminal trespass and resisting arrest. Officers were called to that residence by Henry's mother, who wanted him removed from the property. Officers were led to a bedroom and found Henry covered in a sheet. After some time and exchange of foul language on Henry's part, Henry struck an officer in the face and kneed another in the buttocks before he was sprayed in the face with pepper spray and arrested without further incident. Deputies worked an accident at Harvell and Fourth streets in Okolona involving a wagon pulled by mules. The accident knocked power out and caused injuries to a man on the wagon. Oct. 2 Deputies responded to a Reed Town Road residence for a dispute between a man and woman who had been arguing for the past three days. The disturbance climaxed to a point where the female began cutting a cabinet inside the house with a reciprocating saw. The male shut down the electricity to the house to prohibit her from doing further damage with the saw. Oct. 12 Kenneth Thomas, 23, of 222 N. 20th St., Apt. 12, was arrested at Shepherd's Auto Sales for public intoxication. The arresting officer observed Thomas having a hard time maintaining his balance and talking to himself. Asked to blow into a portable breathalyzer, Thomas put the entire top half of the machine in his mouth. Oct. 13 Officers instructed a husband and wife to stay in separate parts of their house after responding to their South 25th Street residence for a verbal altercation. The husband said the wife came into the bedroom and unplugged the television, and also tried taking the remote from his hands. Asked by responding officers if one or the other party could leave for a while, both parties said they had nowhere else to go. Oct. 17 Gideon Anderson Curlin, 20, of 207 N. Fifth St., was arrested at Walnut and Pine streets for driving while intoxicated and possession of a controlled substance. The arresting officer observed Curlin lose control of the moped he was driving and crash at the intersection. After smelling intoxicants on Curlin's breath, the officer administered a series of three sobriety tests, all of which Curlin failed. Three unidentified pills were also located inside the moped. Oct. 22 A deputy located two at-large donkeys at an Open Banks Road location. The donkeys were reported to be roaming around in the area of Copeland Ridge Road. Contact had not been made with the owner at the time of the report. Oct. 24 A Barkman Street man reported a known female suspect had been banging at his door and windows because he and his roommates would no longer watch her children. The female fled the scene in a vehicle prior to police arrival. Oct. 26 Felicia Lynn Ross, 22, of 1638 Caddo St., was arrested at North 10th and Huddleston streets for driving while intoxicated. The arresting officer conducted a traffic stop after observing Ross speeding on 10th Street. Ross failed all sobriety tests administered. She was additionally charged with resisting arrest after slapping the officer's wrist as he attempted to cuff her. Nov. 7 Officers were summoned to a Wade Street residence for a disturbance between a father and son. The son apparently headbutted his dad in the face after the father turned off the video game the son was playing. The father said he had already asked the 19-year-old to turn the volume down but was ignored and cursed at. Nov. 9 Officers responded to a Carpenter Hill Apartments residence for a disturbance between a mother and son. The mother said the son became angry when she asked him to help her put up the groceries, and the son said his mom became angry when he didn't put on shoes like she had asked him. Nov. 16 A South 16th Street man reported a known female who had been staying with him on and off had come to his residence intoxicated and threw a wooden chair at him, breaking his glasses. The woman fled prior to police arrival. Dec. 4 Jasmond R. Benton, 33, of 2076 Elaine Circle, was arrested at 18th and Pine streets for public intoxication. The arresting officer was initially dispatched to that location when a caller reported seeing a man lying down in a parking lot, and arrived to find Benton, who had bloodshot and watery eyes, had wrecked his bicycle in a ditch. Dec. 21 Deputies responded to a McDonald Road residence for a woman's report that her daughter had gone missing while searching for the family's pot-bellied pig. A search for the woman was called off, however, as she had returned to the house unnoticed with a twisted ankle.