The Bismarck Lions fell in a tough matchup in the first round of the Herb Russell Tournament sponsored by Southern Bancorp Friday, but a big win Saturday put them in the consolation finals this afternoon at 2:30 p.m. at Ouachita High School.

Fordyce 55, Bismarck 41

The Lions and the Fordyce Redbugs were evenly matched from the beginning as the Redbugs took a 13-11 lead in the opening period.

The Lions added six in the second, but Fordyce was able to add seven to stretch their lead to 20-17 at the half.

Both teams put up 13 in the third stanza for a 33-30 score with eight minutes remaining.

Fordcye finished strong, however, putting up 22 in the final period while Bismarck could only add 11 to set the final.

Hayden Ratcliffe led the Lions with 24 points.

Parker Robertson had 10 points, Ryan Gillespie had three, and Parker Hancock and Chance McMullin added two each.

Bismarck 42, Woodlawn 27

With the loss to Fordyce, the Lions were pitted against the Woodlawn Bears in the consolation semi-finals.

The Lions dominated the court in the first period, outscoring the Bears 12-2.

The Bears attempted a comeback in the second, adding 11, but the Lions held on for 10 to hold a 22-13 lead at the break.

The Lions put up 11 in the third stanza of play while giving up eight for a 33-21 lead with eight minutes to go.

Bismarck added only nine in the final period while allowing six to secure the 42-27 win.

Ratcliffe led the Lions with 21 points on the afternoon, hitting seven of 12 from the charity stripe.

Robertson added seven points while Gillespie put up six.

Hancock had four, and McMullin and Ryan Looper shot for two each.

The Lions will face Glen Rose this afternoon at 2:30 p.m. in the consolation finals of the tournament.