Brothers arrested over dispute.

A brotherly brawl ended in the arrest of three men — including a Malvern prison guard — apparently wanting to prove who had the biggest muscles. Boris Williams, 26, of Carpenter Hill Apartments; Justin D. Talamantez, 22, of Hot Springs; and Talamantez' 54-year-old father,Gregory, all face various misdemeanor charges after a Christmas Eve fight in the Pioneer Inn parking lot. The younger Talamantez is employed as a prison guard at the Ouachita River Correctional Unit. At about 6:37 p.m. Tuesday, officers with the Arkadelphia Police Department were dispatched to the motel's North 10th Street entrance for a fight involving five males. Patrolman T.J. Burnett, the first officer on scene, arrived to find a shirtless white male, later identified as the younger Talamantez, "being held captive" by an older white male, identified later as the father. A police report on fileat APD indicates that as Burnett handcuffed Justin, Williams "began to comment that Justin was his brother and he was going to protect him. As Williams made these comments he began to walk toward my direction as I perceived his actions were to obstruct me from placing Justin into custody." Burnett noted in his report that, as he was placing the two purported brothers into custody, they both smelled strongly of alcohol. Meanwhile, the older Talamantez reportedly hid behind a "small support beam" near his motel room. He, too, was placed into custody. In piecing together the reason behind the altercation, Burnett turned to the complainants in the motel office. The two men who called police said they approached the two Talamantez suspects, who were in an obvious physical disturbance, and inquired whether help was needed. Williams then came "running from the Phillips 66 toward their direction and was threatening [the complainants'] welfare if they messed with his brother." The complainants told police that at that time the younger Talamantez broke free and attempted to fight them instead. "The threats from either party did not bother [the complainants], which caused the shirtless white male to grow more irate," according to witness statements. In a reported attempt to "establish dominance over the two" witnesses, the younger Talamantez hit and broke the driver's side mirror of a Lexus SUV parked at the motel, according to the report. Burnett then spoke with Talamantez' father, who said the altercation began when Williams and Justin were arguing over who was "badder" than the other. The report states: "In detail, Williams thought he could beat up Justin because he was stronger and had more muscles. Justin responded that he could beat Williams up because he had more training since he was a prison guard in Malvern." The three were then transported to the Clark County Detention Center, where they reportedly continued their efforts in seeing who was badder, yet this time they apparentlywanted to show they were badder than the officers. Justin Talamantez refused to sit down in the jail's booking room, so Burnett explained to him that he would have to "use physical force to place him in the seat if he chose not to," according to the report. "I obliged him in his request that I use force to have him sit down." After pushing Burnett away once, Burnett followed up with a strike to his upper calf in order to force Justin to the seat. "As he began to sit down," the report states, "I noticed that Williams and Gregory [Talamantez] began to charge toward me and Sgt. [Andy] Williams." Two other officers intervened, and all three suspects were placed on the ground and, later, placed in individual holding areas. All three were booked on charges of public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Justin Talamantez was additionally charged with terroristic threatening, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.