A resolution to support the continuation of the Clark County Economic Development Tax will be considered by the Arkadelphia City Board Tuesday night.

During the last city board meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 15, Ward 5 Director Julian Jaeger stated that Clark County needs to entice businesses to come and remain in Clark County.
According to Jaeger, the EDCCC has spent approximately $10-million to try to obtain and retain businesses.
Jaeger believes that poor communication has led to the EDCCC not getting "the respect it deserves."
In addition, Jaeger believes it is prudent for the support and the renewal of the economic development tax that will come before voters in 2014.
In a statement, Jaeger said "without this tax revenue, it is very unlikely Clark County will entice a potential employer or employers as long as there is no tax revenue."
Because Arkadelphia is home to two large universities, Jaeger believers the area should be able to attract good employers and retain the younger generation to grow the economy of Clark County.
Director Jaeger requested that the subject be placed on the agenda for discussion during Tuesday's meeting.
Other items to be addressed during the meeting:
• Vickie Egleston from the Diamon Lakes Visitor's Center will make a presentation to the board of directors regarding the status of the center.
• Directors will consider the purchase of property located at 800 Crittenden St. which is adjacent to Arkadelphia Town Hall.
• The board will consider an ordinance that will increase the spending authority of Arkadelphia City Manager Jimmy Bolt.
• Consideration will also be given to create a subcommittee designated to create a bicycle plan.
• The city manager's report will be given by Bolt.
Tuesday's meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. in the boardroom of Arkadelphia Town Hall and will be televised on Suddenlink Cable.