Badgers’ freshman squad struggled from start to finish against the larger and much faster Trojans of Hot Springs, falling 58-12 at home.

The Trojans took a 29-2 lead after the Badgers went 0-4 from the free throw line in the first quarter.

The Trojans added 12 in the second while the Badgers tripled their score for a 41-6 deficit at the half.

The Badgers added four in the third, but the Trojans continued to lay it on thick, taking a 53-10 lead.

The Badgers were held to two in the final period while the Trojans added five to set the final.

Jeffrey Blake and Danny Spradlin led the Badgers with four points each.

Josh Williams and Ty Kosters each added two.

The Badgers hit two of their six shots from the charity stripe for 33 percent efficiency.

The Badgers will return to the hardwood on Thursday, Jan. 17 as they play host to Malvern following the eighth grade and freshman girls games.