A local teen was able to punt, pass and kick her way to the top against other girls who qualified from Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky.

Constance Volz, a 13-year-old seventh grade student at Goza Middle School, competed at the Tennessee Titans Championship on Dec. 2.

Volz won the local NFL/PPK competition at Henderson State University hosted by Arkadelphia Parks and Recreation in late September.

Winning the local competition qualified her for the Sectional Competition hosted in North Little Rock in late October. Volz competed against girls in her age group (12-13) from all over Arkansas and came out on top.

After winning the sectional, she was notified that her score qualified her for the Tennessee Titans Championship.

Volz competed on Dec. 2 at the home of the Tennessee Titans in Nashville, Tenn.

Constance says she really enjoyed the opportunity to compete, going different places and meeting new friends. She also wants to thank everyone who helped her — HSU’s kicker C.J. Gonzales, coaches from school and her brother, who always takes time to throw the football with her.